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Wire Mesh | Types & Application

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Wire Mesh Supplier Malaysia

Wire mesh Malaysia is widely used in commercial and residential buildings to act for several functions. It has a consistent parallel design with symmetrical space which is created by merging and interweaving of the wires. The main material of wire mesh largely comes from metal which includes aluminum, high and low carbon steel, nickel, and copper. The applications of wire mesh in Malaysia are used for separating, shielding, or structuring functions. As we can see from our house, we use wire mesh to build fences, window screens, screen doors, or room dividers as separation functions. It will also be a good idea to use wire mesh in many applications and design purposes when you are doing a small renovation for your own house. Wire mesh is a cost-effective and versatile product as it can be cut into various sizes and shapes depends on your requirements and it is easy to install after cutting. It helps to reduce labor costs, transportation costs, and time-consuming. Other industrial applications of the wire mesh can be found in concrete floors, retaining walls, road foundations, airports, tunnels, stirrups in columns, and beams for prefabricated construction. In this case, it is important for us to know varieties of wire mesh in Malaysia and what kind of wire mesh should be chosen for the project based on the advice provided by our wire mesh supplier.

Firstly, the manufacturing process of wire mesh is available in two ways which are welding and weaving. Welding is the process done by the welders or metalworkers to electrically link and bond the wires together to create desired shapes by bonding wires in the intersect point. Weaving is using the industrial looms that weave the wires into many different patterns or customized shapes, and then load the mesh into rolls, cut it into the desired size when need it.

Main types of wire mesh available

Welded Wire Mesh Malaysia

Welded Wire Mesh - The wires are welded together at the cross-section to create a square-shaped patterned or regular intervals which are very strong, highly durable, and made for sturdy products. Typically, the welded mesh is created under a resistance welding process that joins orthogonal wires. The standard wire spacing of the welded wire mesh is 1’’ and we can customize it into the spacing according to our application. Welded wire mesh is often used as the fencing around the building. The heavier thickness of wire can be used for more heavy-duty applications such as made as a security fence or barrier in commercial or industrial settings for security purposes, storage, and racking system in the warehouse. Welded wire mesh also can be used as animal holding areas for room division and shelters. The openings can be either made in square or rectangular size and the resulting mesh can be sold in rolls or flat panel form.

Woven Wire Mesh Malaysia

Woven Wire Mesh - This type of wire mesh also known as wire cloth as it has a tiny opening in comparison with the welded wire mesh. Woven wire mesh is flexible as it is made of metallic material and has no welds on it. We can weave them into various shapes and sizes which is useful for irregular contours and smaller items. We mainly use woven wire mesh as our house window and door screen for the purpose of keeping the insects outside and at the same allow the flow of air and maintain the high air circulation in the house. The woven wire mesh window and door screen are normally built in a metal frame or wooden frame.

Knitted Wire Mesh Malaysia

Knitted Wire Mesh - Knit wire mesh is made by knitting machine and its final mesh is structured in inter-connecting loops. It is also known as chicken wire as its original purpose is to use as a barrier for livestock and prevent them from getting out of certain areas. We can also found it in some home yards or garden areas. Due to its unique design, we also used it to create a chain link fence which is very durable, low cost and it allows us to install in different places when needed.

In addition to the functions and application mentioned above, we can use wire mesh as decoration items around our house, with our creative ideas come from imagination. For example, you can use knit wire mesh to create pictures and put on the walls as design, or use welded wire mesh combine with the wooden panel to decorate your backyard with some colors painted on the wood panel. This kind of decoration will improve the appeal of the home at a relatively low cost.

Galvanized Wire Mesh Malaysia'

Wire mesh can be found in a variety of materials which we will introduce a few below:

Galvanized Wire Mesh: Galvanized wire mesh is made when the plain or carbon steel wire that is undergone the process of galvanization which applies a zinc coating to the metal. It is available in both woven and welded, with a wide range of opening sizes and wire diameters. The layer of zinc provides protection to the metal from a certain level of rusting and corrosion. Galvanized wire mesh is popular to be used as window guards, fencing, garden, or housing security.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh: This type of wire mesh is durable with high tensile strength and a higher level of corrosion resistance. It can be founded in welded or woven. Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used for safeguarding the industrial area.

PVC Coated Welded Mesh: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is coated on welded wire mesh with the aim of providing a stronger wire mesh and extend its useful lifetime. The PVC coating is relatively cheap, safe and at the same time increases the level of corrosion resistance to the wire mesh. PVC coated welded mesh is also available in several standard colors to meet our preferences. It is often used as garden fencing, animal enclosures, fencing, or some sports area such as tennis court fencing.

PVC Coated Welded Mesh Malaysia

In addition, wire mesh can be categorized by its weave patterns. The main distinction in a variety of weave patterns is whether the mesh is in crimping patterns. It can be classified into crimped weave patterns and non-crimped weave patterns. Crimped weave patterns include flat top, lock crimp mesh, double weave mesh, intermediate crimp mesh. Non-crimped weave patterns include plain weave mesh, twill weave mesh, plain dutch weave mesh, and dutch twill weave mesh.

MecHero supplies a variety of wire mesh in Malaysia. We offer wire mesh in different sizes, shapes, material types, and gauges. You can always contact us at +6011-7001 7687 or email to us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now about the steel product you're looking for and we can advise you accordingly.

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