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What is Allen Key?

Allen Keys (Allen Wrenches) are also called Hex key or Hex wrench. It is a small hand-held tool, mainly used to lock or loosen hexagonal screws and bolts. According to the "wrench" in its name, wrench means "twist". In other words, the Allen wrench mainly uses torque to exert force on the screw to reduce the force required by the user to tighten or loosen the screw. This is the difference between an Allen wrench and other wrenches such as a slotted screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver. Therefore, the Allen wrench plays a very important role in the modern furniture manufacturing industry, and it is also popular among users. Although the shape of its tip is hexagonal, there are many different sizes on the market to target various sizes of hexagonal screws.

The advantages of using Allen key

The reason why the Allen key can be used in various industries is because of its advantages. First of all, the material of the Allen key is simple, the structure is light and the price is relatively low. It can be used to screw some smaller screws in deep holes. The different lengths and diameters of the Allen key have different twisting capabilities. The design of the Allen key allows both ends of it to be used, and its hexagonal contact surface allows the force to be distributed and is not easily damaged.

Types of Hex Key

Most common types of Hex key:

1. Folding Hex Key

The design of the folding hex key is to lock all hex keys of various sizes in the handle. This kind of hex key is light compact in appearance and easy to carry. It is mainly suitable for the inspection of automobiles and motorcycles. In order to provide the maximum torque, the folding hex key is at a 90-degree angle to the handle.

2. L shaped Hex Key

The L-shaped wrench is made of hard steel hexagonal rods, forming an unequal "L" shape. Since its handle is longer than other hex wrenches, the L-wrench can penetrate a narrower space, and the leverage it produces during operation is also greater.

3. T-Handle

The shape of the T-shaped wrench is "T" type, which mainly uses the principle of leverage to rotate screws and nuts. By twisting T-handle, the tool can be locked or loosened. T-Handle plays an important role in the automotive maintenance industry.

Other types of Allen key:

1. Ball Hex Key

The characteristic of the ball hex key is that one end of it is a hexagonal ball. This kind of ball hexagon head is easy to be broken, so you need to be careful when using it.

2. P-Handle

One of the wrenches of the P-Handle is similar to the T-handle, and both have the same right-angle shape. The other wrench is in line with the handle. When using P-Handle to tighten the bolts, we can use the principle of leverage on the long handle to operate.

3. Ratcheting Driver

The bit of the ratchet driver is connected with the socket, and the bolt can be tightened or loosened by applying pressure in one direction to turn it. This type of ratchet drive is easy to use.

4. Torque Wrench

The torque wrench can set the torque, and the torque is adjustable. So it can tighten the bolt to the specified torque value. This type of wrench is suitable for precision parts. Due to the adjustable function of the torque wrench, it can tighten the object properly to prevent damage caused by over-twisting.

What does Allen key be used for?

1. Furniture Installation and repair

The hexagonal key wrench is suitable for assembling furniture and fixing the position of furniture. We can use this kind of wrench to easily screw the bolt into the furniture to fix it. Especially in small spaces or deep holes, the long hexagon key wrench plays an important role.

2. Repair Bicycle, car, and motor

Compared with ordinary screwdrivers, this type of wrench is lighter and easier to carry and is popular with bikes or motorcyclists. Since it has an "L" shape, it can be used for emergency repairs. Besides, such hexagonal wrenches are also used in car maintenance.

3. Maintenance and repair of electronic product

Hexagonal wrenches are suitable for repairing small electronic products, such as computers and TV screens. The size of the Allen key is just right to loosen and tighten the screws on electronic devices.

4. Repair machine and tools

Allen key is also often used in industry as the repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment and tools. The Allen key can be used to adjust the position of some tools, such as fixing the drill in the correct position.


Although Allen key may seem like an ordinary tool, it is an indispensable tool in industry and daily life. I hope that through the above information, you can better understand the importance of the Allen key and its purpose. In this market, Allen keys come in many different sizes. If you want to purchase an Allen key that suits you, you can consult our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or send your enquiry to for more information.

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