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What are The Types & Functions of Machine Presses

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Machine press is also known as forming press. It is a metal forming machine tool that uses high pressure to reshape or reform the workpiece during part of the manufacturing process. With the use of a machine press, we can form the metal in the desired shape without removing the chips. A machine press is equipped with a frame, bed/base, ram moving equipment, driving mechanism, dies, and punches made for a specific stamping job. Machine press is commonly used in mass production work due to its high speed and efficient way to form sheet metal into the finished products. It can also be used to manufacture small parts such as nuts, screws, nails, and other hardware. To make sure that we are selecting the right press, we need to know and consider some factors including the process that the press tool is expected to execute, the capacity that requires to perform this manufacturing process, as well as the length of the stroke over which the machine press delivers the force.

Types of Machine Press

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1. Machines press can be categorized by its mechanism which is the way to apply the pressure, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical. Pneumatic and hydraulic presses are the most popular types of machine press that using fluids to exert pressure. The hydraulic press machine is using a hydraulic cylinder to generate force and it is considered the most powerful type of machine tool. It is able to generate greater force capabilities and offer consistent press force over the stroke range. The hydraulic press is available in a wide range of capacities and sizes. It is normally used for forging, molding, metal forming, clinching, punching operations. A pneumatic press is using a similar mechanism as the hydraulic press. However, instead of using hydraulic fluid, the pneumatic press operates with compressing air to produce the pressure inside the cylinder. It can also offer a consistent force throughout the stroke length, at a higher speed. This press is used in punching, shearing, bending, forming operations. Additionally, the pneumatic press is able to work under extreme temperature and for explosion-prone applications. Despite the advantage we mentioned above, the disadvantage of the hydraulic press and pneumatic press is their maximum force is limited by the cylinder size and compressor. On the other hand, the mechanical press operates with different types of mechanical components to produce pressure. It can be either manually operated or electronically operated that powered by a motor. Mechanical press offers a high level of control and precision in the process as it provides a fixed length, stroke speed, and duration. It is relatively fast, cheap, and essential for large-scale production. However, the mechanical press is not suitable for applications that require variable stroke length.

2. Machine press also can be categorized by the way it interacts with the metal. A Forging Press that applies the pressure slowly on the die that shapes the workpiece. This slowly applied pressure allows the metal to maintain some key properties. It is economical and able to apply different shapes and configurations. Another type is Instant Press, which uses a single and sudden force to shape the workpiece according to the shape of a die. It is normally used for punching holes and making an impression on the metal quickly. However, it has limitations in terms of configuration and complicated shapes.

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3. Machine press also can be segmented based on their functions. There are many types of machine presses available for performing a wide variety of machining processes. Some common types of machine press we used in the workshop are press brakes, shop presses, punch press, stamping press, etc. Each of them has a specific application and function.

- Punch press machine is used to punch holes into the workpiece with a pressurized tool. It can be operated by CNC or manually. There are two designs of the punch press which are C type frame and portal frame or bridge frame. The type C frame operates through a bedplate and hydraulic ram that hold the material in place while working. Whereas a portal frame uses a centered ram. The portal frame differs from type C in that a portal frame holds the material in the center instead of jutting out.

- Stamping press is to cut or shape the metal into the desired specification with a die. It operates with interlocking parts such as a bolster plate and a ram to shape the material. The workpiece is secured in the bolster plate which is somewhere between a press tool and die. The stamping press will then push the tool on the workpiece to force it into the shape of the die. A stamping press is normally in large size with complex operational requirements, so it is typically controlled with the industrial control panel.

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- Press Brake is exclusively for metal workpieces and used for bending metal sheets into shape. It uses a similar mechanism as a stamping press to create the shape but it is designed for metal only. There are different types of press brake available. The hydraulic and CNC press brake are getting popular in many manufacturing companies.

- Screw Press is also known as the fly press. It has a screw-driven ram that requires manual operation to turn and twist the ram for forcing it down to the workpiece.

Nowadays, most of the modern plants are using automated machinery and operator only need when requires troubleshooting. Automation has greatly reduced the risk of injury for operators. But it is still important for us to take note of some safety tips when operating the machine press. These press machines using incredibly high forces and pressure to shape the material. The operator of these machines must be trained well and equipped with the proper skill and knowledge for operating the machine. Before we start operating the machine, we must wear adequate protective equipment and inspect the press for any structural damages. We also have to make sure that the floor around the press is clean to prevent accidental falls or slips and result in serious injury. In addition, different types of guards are available for the machines. Barrier Guard should have attached to the machine if possible to reduce the risk.

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