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Types of Steel Fencing

Fences are also called guardrails. Their main function is to protect the yard, maintain the safety of residents and protect personal privacy. Fences are divided into many different types of fences from different materials and forms, such as an aluminum fence, chain link fence, electro-welded fence, steel fencing, wire mesh fencing, and wrought fence. But today we mainly want to show you the types and characteristics of metal fences. The reason why we use metal fences is that their material is relatively hard and stable. It can continue to function as a support and maintenance under severe climate change. And the price is more reasonable. Therefore, it is welcomed and loved by the broad market.

Common types of metal fence

To meet the needs of the broad market, metal fences are also divided into many types, sizes, and materials. Common metal fences are mainly the following:


Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences have high corrosion resistance and rust resistance and are suitable for installation in environments that are often exposed to rain or moisture, such as coastal areas. Besides, this aluminum fence is usually used in commercial areas and swimming pool areas. Due to its corrosion resistance, we do not need to maintain it frequently. The advantage of an aluminum fence is that it won't rust, its price is also cheaper than a wrought iron fence. However, the aluminum fence is weaker than the iron fence due to the material, and when it is hit by a large external force, it is easier to dent and bend.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link mesh fences are usually used on flat ground and irregular terrain, such as sloping hillsides. After this kind of metal wire is processed, its durability and stability are greatly improved. The price of the chain link mesh fence is relatively cheap, and the appearance is relatively unattractive to buy. When we plate a layer of zinc on its surface, it can prevent rust and improve durability, and it does not require frequent maintenance. This kind of fence only plays a basic maintenance function, can not bring people's privacy, and the safety protection performance is also poor because people can easily climb the fence to invade. The chain link mesh fence can be easily installed without special equipment.

Electro-welded fence

The electric welding fence mainly depends on welding wires to ensure its safety and resistance. In contrast, the price of a welded fence is cheaper than the average price. The welded fence has durability and weather resistance, and its net is harder to break through. The rigidity of this type of fence makes it suitable for use in the construction industry, companies, and some agricultural fields. It has different shapes and sizes, and various types of welded mesh fences can be selected according to different applications. When we use the method of electric welding, the wireframe arranged along this vertical direction makes it have a certain rigidity and firmness, this kind of we call it electric welded mesh panel.

Steel Fencing

In industry, steel fences are the most commonly used ones. This type of fence can also be installed on an inclined surface or without any gaps. The biggest feature of a steel fence is that it is extremely durable and very strong, and can achieve high-density security. Steel fences are similar in form to wrought iron fences and are composed of tubular forms, so their privacy is poor. However, due to its material, its weight is heavier than the average fence. To prevent its surface from being corroded and rusted, we can apply a layer of powder or galvanize on the surface to increase the durability of the fence.

Wire mesh fencing

The wire mesh fence has better security measures and has the performance to prevent damage, so it is often used in the commercial security field. Besides, such fences are also used in farms, schools, parks, hospitals, recreational resorts, sports fields, and other places, and they are more cost-effective. The advantage of the wire mesh fence is that when it is processed (coating a layer of anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the mesh), its corrosion resistance and durability are greatly improved. The wire mesh fence welds the wire harnesses together to form a grid panel. This kind of grid panel can be fixed by some anti-vandal equipment so that it can adapt to the inclined surface.

Wrought Iron fencing

The wrought iron fence is a classic metal fence. It has very high durability, and its shape design is more diversified to maintain an elegant decorative style. Therefore, its cost is often higher than that of ordinary metal fences. This kind of fence is suitable for use in some historic buildings or communities due to its elegant and classical design. When we apply a layer of powder paint on the wrought iron fence, it can protect the metal from any external elements. But we still need to repaint it within a year or two to ensure that the fence will not rust due to prolonged exposure. Usually, wrought iron fences need to be specially customized according to customer requirements.

We can provide a variety of different types of fencing to meet the different requirements of each customer. You can reach us at 011-7001 7687 or Besides, we also provide a variety of industrial appliances, general hardware, steel products, plumbing accessories, and other engineering works.

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