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Types of Industrial Blower

The industrial blower is mainly composed of a motor, an air filter, an air chamber, a blower body, a drip nozzle, and a base. It can increase the pressure of the gas and increase its speed to send the gas out of the device. The main reason is that the offset rotor in the cylinder continuously performs the eccentric operation so that the volume between the blades in the rotor slot is changed, and the air is sucked in, compressed, and discharged at the same time. When the rotor is running, the pressure difference of the blower will be used, and the lubricating oil will be automatically sent to the drip nozzle. The lubricating oil dripped into the cylinder can achieve the effect of reducing friction and noise, while also keeping the gas in the cylinder from flowing back. Blowers are often used in various household appliances, industrial machinery, and electronic equipment, etc., specifically for conveying gas, cooling gas, ventilation, and ventilation. Generally, the pressure at the inlet of the blower is lower, and the pressure at the outlet is higher.

Types of Blowers

A. Centrifugal blower:  

Centrifugal blower is the most common type of blower in the ventilation system. Its working principle is mainly to use the internal high-speed rotating rotor to drive the impeller to rotate, and then it will form a centrifugal force. When the gas passes through the impeller of this blower, its volume and speed will increase accordingly, so the gas will change its original flow direction. This centrifugal force will squeeze the air and make the airflow to the fan outlet, reaching a certain wind pressure and air volume. It is used to control air pollution and transport some gases such as natural gas.

According to the number of working wheels installed in the compressor, we can be divided into single-stage centrifugal blowers and multi-stage centrifugal blowers.

Single-stage centrifugal blower

The single-stage centrifugal blower is characterized by small size, lightweight, energy-saving, power-saving, and high efficiency. Running gas under low load conditions will also have higher efficiency because of its single flow adjustment range of 45%-100%. Most of these blowers are used in the sewage treatment industry.

Multistage centrifugal blower

The multistage centrifugal blower is composed of multiple working wheels in series. Its air supply is generally relatively large, but the wind pressure generated is not high. Compared with Roots blowers, multi-stage centrifugal blowers are characterized by stability, reliability, low noise, and high efficiency.

Air suspension centrifugal blower

Air suspension centrifugal blower is a new type of centrifugal blower, mainly made of SVS titanium alloy material. The air suspension centrifugal blower adopts advanced air suspension technology and improves the cooling system and lubrication system of the traditional turbo blower, etc., which greatly improves the technicality and reliability of the blower.

B. Roots-type blower:

The roots-type blower is a positive displacement blower, which mainly relies on the rotating movement of two "8" shaped rotors to transfer the air. The air volume delivered by the blower is proportional to the number of revolutions. The synchronous gear at the end of the rotor shaft can keep the two rotors meshed. Then the concave part of the rotor and the inner wall of the cylinder form a working room. When the rotor rotates, it will suck the air from the suction port, and then move to the high-pressure exhaust port to deliver the gas to the exhaust. The two rotors are not in contact with each other, and there is a tight gap between them, so the discharged air will not be contaminated by lubricating oil. Roots blowers are usually widely used in the chemical manufacturing industry, food processing industry, gas transportation industry, glass-ceramic industry, mining, agriculture, oil and gas industry, dust filtering, and so on.

The industrial blower is mainly a device that energizes the gas to increase its pressure, increase its speed and send it out. MecHero also provides various engineering services and mechanical components such as steel products, plumbing accessories, mechanical hardware, painting tools, engineering works, and fabrication services.

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