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The Uses of Light Tower in Construction Industry

What is the light tower

The light tower is a movable portable lighting device, mainly used as a lighting tool for construction projects. The structure of the light tower is composed of one or more high-intensity lights and a long mast. In addition, this mast will be connected to a trailer for easy movement. The light tower is mainly powered by a generator, which uses diesel to generate electricity. In addition to diesel, there are a few light towers that use solar energy, batteries, and other power generation devices to generate electricity. In addition to being used in construction projects, light towers can also be used as lighting equipment for other venues, such as sports fields, accident sites, concerts, and other places. Due to the movable nature of the light tower, the light tower is very suitable for use in rugged terrain or bad weather conditions. In addition to being used for lighting, the lighthouse can also be temporarily used as a small generator. But it cannot be used as a generator for a long time, because it will cause damage to the light tower.

Type of light tower

According to the way the light tower generates electricity, light towers can be divided into the following types:

1. Light tower powered by batteries

2. A device containing solar energy mainly stores enough solar energy during the daytime and converts the solar energy into electricity so that it can be powered at night.

3. Power generation has been carried out by using fuel oil such as natural gas, diesel, and gasoline as fuel.


The light tower is suitable for remote and difficult workplaces. The light tower has a wide range of uses, and it can play an important role in lighting many projects that need to work at night. The light tower is mainly used for the following purposes:

1. Architectural engineering lighting: used in road construction, engineering construction, railroad track maintenance, traffic system maintenance, road rescue, etc.

2. Military activities lighting: military exercises, field exercises, camping, rescue activities, etc.

3. Lighting for sports events: large-scale night sports events

4. Emergency lighting: emergency rescue activities, earthquake and flood disaster relief, telecommunications emergency, gas rescue.

5. Mining lighting: open-pit mining, mine tunnels, distribution storage, and transportation

6. Location shooting lighting: film and television shooting


The main features of the lighthouse are as follows:

1. The light tower is light and easy to carry.

2. There are manual and automatic light towers on the market, which can be used for different work needs.

3. Most light towers are made of good quality metal materials. Therefore, it has high-temperature resistance, water resistance, and strong wind resistance, and can be used in harsh weather conditions.

4. There are universal wheels at the bottom of the lighthouse, which can run on uneven and rugged roads.

5. The direction of the lamp head can be changed at will, thus changing the projection angle.


Nowadays, most construction projects are carried out at night, in order to avoid the construction projects that will cause people's distress and endanger the people's safety during the daytime. At this time, the light tower plays an important role to provide sufficient light at night. The following are some of the main advantages of the light tower.

High-intensity lighting

The high-intensity lighting system of the light tower provides a large number of light sources, which effectively improves the efficiency of workers at night and prolongs the daytime work.

Improved work safety

Construction at night is dangerous due to the gradual darkening of the environment and the restriction of eyesight. Under the lighting of the light tower, workers can see the working environment clearly and work on the construction site more safely to avoid some accident risks.

Adjustable lighting angle

The main purpose of the light tower is to provide additional light sources. Therefore, the position of the light tower and the angle of the lamp head will affect the amount of light source. When adjusting the angle of the lamp head, we also need to pay attention to avoid damage to the eyesight of pedestrians by the high-intensity lighting of the light tower.


The movable nature of the light tower makes it convenient for people to decide where to place the light tower according to different environmental factors.

High durability

The materials used to make the light tower are all made of high-grade metal, so the light tower has high durability. It can operate stably in harsh weather conditions.


The light tower plays a safety and lighting function under the construction project. We need to choose a suitable light tower according to the place and the amount. Contact MecHero now to get your light tower at 011-7000 7687 or

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