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The Uses of Hot Air Gun or Heat Gun

Hot air gun is as known as heat gun. The hot air gun is a convenient and portable electric tool. It mainly uses the gun core with heating resistance wire to blow out the hot air to extract or weld the parts. It can be used for house maintenance works, such as softening paint and peeling it off, removing adhesives, defrosting as a freezer to thaw things, and making the wet wood dry. Besides, it can also be used for welding operations. The parts can be welded together by melting metal and other materials at a high temperature. In the mobile phone repair industry, hot air guns are often used to remove parts or install circuits.

The hot air gun is characterized by no flame, so it is very safe to use, and it will not cause fire hazards or damage the surface of the workpiece due to accidents. Hot air guns can adjust the temperature, the highest temperature can reach about 400 degrees. The hot air gun has other special settings, such as temperature display, shutdown delay circuit, and so on. The temperature display of the hot air gun can be used to display the temperature and is convenient for temperature adjustment. We can choose the required temperature according to the material, which can reduce the probability of damage to the material. The working principle of the hot air gun is mainly through the main part of the control circuit, including the temperature signal circuit, the sensor, the wind control circuit, and so on.

Different types of hot air guns require different types of nozzles. When choosing the right hot air gun, we need to consider its functionality, temperature, and air volume. You cannot choose an inappropriate hot air gun simply based on the price. A hot air gun with higher power will combine with high airflow and high temperature to produce a larger air volume. This can effectively complete the work on a larger area, and is not suitable for small parts, because the high volume of air will easily blow away the small parts. The lower power hot air gun can also generate high temperatures, but the airflow is lower, which means it needs more time to cover the same surface.

The main functions and application areas of some hot air guns are listed below:

  1. The hot air gun can easily remove the stickers, wallpaper, paint, and PVC floor on the surface.

  2. Heating the hot air gun can bend copper pipes, metals, plastics, and other materials.

  3. Metal parts can also be welded by heating.

  4. Use as a softening glue and adhesive.

  5. Can be used to shrink pipes.

  6. The hot air gun also has a defrosting function, which can quickly help the water pipe defrost.

  7. It is suitable for the automobile maintenance industry, which can eliminate dents.


Types of heat guns

In the market, there are two main types of heat guns, which are electric heat guns, and gas heat guns. One of the most popular is the electric heat gun. First of all, let's discuss the reasons why electric heat guns are welcomed by the people and their characteristics.

Electric heat gun

The electric heat gun is operated by generating heat from the power source. There are two types of wires and no wires electric heat gun. Although the wire of the electric heat gun is restrictive, its wire can be extended. The electric heat gun is safer to use, and its temperature and wind speed can be changed according to different uses. The technology of electric heat guns is constantly updated and progressed, and gradually replaced the gas heat guns.

Gas Heat Gun

The gas heat gun mainly relies on burning butane or propane gas to heat the parts. We need to buy and fill gasoline tanks before we can use the heat gun. Although in general, electric heat guns have replaced the position of gas heat guns in various fields, if our project needs to be far away from the power socket or cannot use the extension cord, we can choose to use the gas heat gun to carry out jobs.

When choosing the right hot air gun, we need to pay attention to the following options:

1. Temperature range

According to the different work, choosing the hot air gun of different temperature ranges can ensure that the hot air gun will not overheat when using it. Currently, most hot air guns have the function of adjusting the temperature. But it is safer to choose a hot air gun with a higher temperature range if the workload is large.

2. Temperature control

The ordinary hot air gun does not have the function of adjusting the temperature. These hot air guns will automatically adjust their temperature according to the temperature of the object. Nowadays, some hot air guns can adjust the temperature in the market. These hot air guns usually have a temperature dial or an electronic display screen, which can be used to set the required temperature and serve the purpose of monitoring the temperature. When the hot air gun needs to be heated quickly, we can increase the temperature. We should try to avoid heating the hot air gun for a long time, which will make the efficiency of the hot air gun become lower.

3. Fan speed

The fan speed of the hot air gun will also affect the project. A hot air gun with a larger wind speed is suitable for projects in a wider area, and a hot air gun with a lower wind speed is suitable for use in precision industries.

4. Nozzle options

The hot air gun has many different types of nozzles. We need to choose the appropriate nozzle according to the nature of the job. It is because the proper nozzle can provide a more accurate temperature.


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