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The Function of Gabion

Description of Gabion

The gabion net is mainly made of low-carbon steel wire or PVC-plated steel wire with high ductility, high corrosion resistance, and high strength by mechanical weaving method. Usually, people use this kind of net to make a basket-like structure called a gabion box. The gabion box will be filled with stones, and these stacked stones form a kind of gravity wall. The gabions containing different types of block stones have different characteristics. Because the weight and mass of stone can be used to resist the forces of soil and water, people often use it in sloped areas such as grass slopes or hillsides.

The Function of Gabion

Gabion is a wire mesh structure that holds stones together. Generally, gabion nets will be used for slope support, highway isolation barriers, and some greening environmental uses such as side slope planting. In addition, when it is made into a cage, it can be used to intercept and protect rivers, dams, and seawalls for a long time. This is because when the water flows continuously scouring the riverbank, it will destroy it and cause serious disasters, which will cause flooding and a lot of soil erosion. At the same time, it will also cause the residents living in the nearby coastal areas to suffer life danger and massive loss of property.

Polygonal stones can be well interlocked together, and stone cages filled with such stones are less likely to deform. The application of gabion nets can meet the requirements of stable protection of mountains and beaches, and achieve the effect of greening the environment, and at the same time, it is economical and convenient. After the gabion net is applied to the bank slope protection, under the action of man-made and natural factors, the gaps between the stones in the gabion net will be slowly filled with soil. Plant seeds gradually take root and sprout in the soil between the rocks, and the roots of the plants will be firmly fixed in the rocks and soil. In this way, the purpose of greening and protection of the slope can be realized, and the ecological environment and the preservation of water and soil can be greatly improved.

In addition, gabion nets are used on the coast to absorb wave energy and wind energy along the dune surface to avoid erosion of the coast. However, we cannot directly place the gabion net on the beach, because its durability cannot withstand the waves directly, which will cause it to be damaged quickly. So we can only place it on the upper part of the beach.


  1. The structure of the gabion net is flexible, safe, and stable. Therefore, it is not easy to break or collapse, and it is suitable for use on fluctuating hillsides and beaches.

  2. It has high erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

  3. Its structure is inherently water-permeable. The particles and silt in the water will settle in the stone crevices, which can filter the groundwater. The silt between these stone crevices is conducive to the growth of natural plants at the same time to restore the ecological environment.

  4. The cost is low, and the cage must be filled with stones.

  5. The construction is simple and does not require any technology or power supply.

  6. Easy to transport, you can fold them up and transport them to the construction site for installation.

Placement of gabion

The position of the gabion should be determined according to different directions. Before placing the gabion, we need to renovate the slope surface, such as removing weeds and obstructions. We can choose to use a machine to open the gabion from the top of the slope to the slope, or transfer the rolled net to the top of the slope, and then open the net to the uphill to make it fall freely. Subsequently, the gabion cage filled with stones can be moved to the designated position. This kind of project layout can withstand torrential rain, strong water permeability, conserve water and soil, and achieve the effect of protecting slopes and beaches.

The influences on the environment

Gabion nets need to be properly maintained and placed. When the gabion net is damaged or is not properly handled during the placement process, the stones in the gabion net may not be released, which will affect the beauty of the environment and may even cause danger. In addition, the gabion net will not only affect the natural dynamic exchange between the coast and the slope but also destroy the natural landform.

Gabion is used to support side slopes, prevent river banks from being damaged by erosion, and green the environment. But we must also handle it properly, otherwise, its damage will also cause danger and environmental damage. If you have any questions about gabion, you can ask our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or email us at We have professional gabion suppliers and contractors who can help you deal with all the gabion projects.

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