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The Characteristics and Types of Acrylic

Acrylic is a kind of plexiglass or transparent plastic material that has been specially treated. Because acrylic has glass-like characteristics, its light transmittance and clarity are excellent. Compared with glass, acrylic is lighter in weight and has stronger impact resistance than glass. Compared with other plastics, the weather resistance of acrylic is also quite excellent. We can choose different colors and types of acrylic according to our preferences and requirements for transparency. Acrylic has good adhesion, so it is easy to manufacture and shape. Acrylic has a wide range of uses and high durability. In the market, we can often see many acrylic products, such as display stands, skylights, tables and chairs, photo frames and so on.

Nowadays, we can see that acrylic is almost sold in the form of sheets or tubes. And there are mirror, transparent, frosted, semi-transparent and other styles as options.

The advantages of acrylic are listed below:

1. Has good weather resistance

Acrylic has excellent aging properties and weather resistance, it can be placed outdoors for a long time, regardless of environmental factors such as strong sunlight or heavy rain, it will not corrode acrylic.

2. Long service life

Compared with plastic products, acrylic has a more durable service life.

3. Good light transmission performance

Transparent acrylic has good light transmission performance.

4. High-strength impact resistance

Compared with glass, acrylic can withstand greater impact and will not be damaged.

5. Lighter weight

The weight of acrylic is relatively light, thus reducing the load on the bracket.

6. Variety of color options

Acrylic has many color selections with high brightness. Besides, we can also spray paint and silkscreen on the acrylic surface.

7. Easy to clean

The surface of the acrylic sheet is smooth and easy to clean.

8. Can heated and formed to a shape easily

Acrylic has good thermoforming properties. We can process acrylic into a desired shape according to the design.

9. Harmless to human body

Although acrylic is a manufactured product, even if people have long-term exposure to acrylic, it will not cause any harm to the human body as well.

Acrylic has a wide range of uses, from the construction industry to daily life appliances, there will be acrylic products. Acrylic's impact resistance allows it to be used instead of glass. But some uses that cannot be replaced by acrylic as well, such as the car windshield, because if we use acrylic as a windshield, external substances will easily scratch the acrylic. Let's take a look at the main uses of acrylic.

1. Acrylic can be used in the food industry to store food, such as shelves, signs, display cabinets and so on.

2. Due to the transparency and durability of acrylic, we often use acrylic for skylights. You can choose the color and size of acrylic according to the design. Besides, acrylic can also be processed into bulletproof windows.

3. Acrylic is often made into furniture and decorative panels, such as cabinets, tables and chairs.

4. Some sports equipment, such as the handles of tennis rackets, safety helmets, etc., will be made of durable acrylic plastic.

5. Acrylic can be made into some art furnishings, because acrylic has a longer service life, is not easily damaged, and is easier to shape than glass.

Types of Acrylic sheet

Clear acrylic sheet

Clear acrylic sheets are the most common on the market. The size is usually 4ft x 6ft and 4ft x 8ft, and the thickness is around 2mm to 25mm. We can also customize and cut the size to what we want. Usually clear acrylic sheets are used as roofs or aquariums.

Color acrylic sheet

Except for the clear acrylic sheet, we can also find the color acrylic sheets of various colors in the market. Generally, there are more than 10 color choices. These colorful acrylic panels can be used as interior decoration and furnishings.

Acrylic mirror sheet

The difference between acrylic mirror sheet and normal acrylic plate is that it has a reflective surface made of lightweight thermoplastic sheet, which can be like a glass mirror. However, it is more durable and shatter-resistant than glass mirrors. It is suitable for use in families with children instead of using glass mirrors. Acrylic mirror sheets mainly have two color options, which are gold and silver.

Solar Tinted Acrylic

Solar tinted acrylic is a material that does not fade under ultraviolet rays. Its main feature is that there is a layer of solar tint coating on the acrylic resin. This type of acrylic sheet is suitable for protecting objects from ultraviolet rays.

Textured Acrylic Sheet

This type of acrylic has some designed textures on the surface, which improves the aesthetics of the acrylic sheet. Textured Acrylic Sheet is often used as cabinet doors, patio tables, partitions, etc..


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