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The Application of Gas Cutting Nozzle

The gas cutting nozzle is one of the common metal parts in the manufacturing industry and is mainly used for oxy-acetylene flame cutting. One end of the gas cutting nozzle has an internal thread, which can be connected to a rod. There is a circular hole in the center of the gas cutting nozzle, which can provide heated gas. When starting the cutting process, the gas cutting nozzle will preheat the gas and make the metal red to reach its melting point. After that, oxygen will come out through the hole of the gas cutting nozzle. When the preheated oxygen reaches the surface of the metal, it generates heat and melts the metal. That’s how the cutting process works. We can also change the cutting width according to the aperture’s size of the gas cutting nozzle.

Types of Gas Cutting Nozzle

The gas cutting nozzle is a very commonly used part, it can be divided into many types according to size, hole diameter, material, and pressure resistance. There are three types of gas cutting nozzles commonly used in the market: A, B, and PNM. These three types of gas cutting nozzles also have their own characteristics and sizes. The sizes of gas cutting nozzles that we can find on the market can range from 1/32 (for cutting 3mm to 6mm), 3/64 (for cutting 5mm to 12mm), 1/16 (for cutting 10mm to 75mm), 5/64 (for cutting 70mm to 100mm), 3/32 (for cutting 90mm to 150mm), and 1/8 (for cutting 190mm to 300mm). Let's take a closer look at these three types of gas cutting nozzles.

1. A – Type Nozzle

The A-type nozzle has two blowpipe gas cutting torches. Type A nozzles are mainly used for the liquefied petroleum gas industry. It has different apertures, so we can choose the corresponding A-type nozzle according to the needs of the project and the thickness to be cut.

2. B – Type Nozzle

Type B nozzles are similar to Type A nozzles, both are used for two blowpipe cutting torches. Type B nozzles are also used to preheat the flame and will be used with liquefied petroleum fuels. The size of the B-type nozzle and the size of the flame produced are similar to those of the A-type nozzle

3. PNM Nozzle

PNM nozzles can also be used for acetylene gas fuel or liquefied petroleum gas projects. The PNM nozzle is the safest nozzle on the market. It has additional safety measures. Its three nozzles can reduce and prevent the possibility of backfire and ensure the safety of workmanship.

ANM nozzles are mainly used for acetylene, while PNM nozzles are used for LPG. First of all, let's look at the characteristics of ANM nozzles. ANM nozzles are used to cut low-carbon steel metal plates with a thickness of less than 3mm. The difference between PNM nozzles and ANM nozzles lies in their structure. PNM nozzles can be used for different standard gases. PNM nozzles use a two-piece design. Since propane oxide burns slowly, a turbulent flow is generated inside and outside the nozzle to mix propane and oxygen. The mixed oxygen-propane gas has a large volume, so it is necessary to transmit this mixed gas by using a larger spline. PNM nozzles are safer than ANM nozzles and are suitable for large welding and cutting projects.

The difference between gas cutting nozzle and welding nozzle

From the appearance, the appearance of the gas cutting nozzle and the welding nozzle is similar, but the internal structure of the cutting nozzle and the welding nozzle is different. There is a small hole at the front end of the welding tip, this small hole will discharge the oxygen-acetylene mixture and burn it. And the hole at the front of the gas cutting nozzle has a small circle. When we start the oxygen rod, the excess oxygen will be transmitted from the hole to the flame.

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