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Round Bar, Drill Rod & Shaft

Round Bar Malaysia

Steel can be made into different shapes, thicknesses, and sizes such as tube, plate, bar, angle, beam for multiple applications. There are three round shapes to be widely in the current industry which are round bar, drill rod, and shaft. They can be made of different materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and many more.

Round Bar

The round bar is a long and cylindrical bar. Steel round bar Malaysia is available in hot and cold rolled. Cold rolled steel round bar is mainly used for the application which requires a superior surface finished and accurate dimensions. Hot rolled steel round bar is normally used in the construction industry where the finish and precision in dimension are not so essential. As we know, the head of the round bar is strength and quality. This is the main reason why a lot of people still prefer to use steel round bar in some applications. The load needed is depending on the application. By having more of the load-bearing capacity, steel round bar can support tougher engineering and construction works.

Generally, the round bar has a diameter ranging from 6mm to 60mm. Different diameters and sizes are to be applied for different industries and applications, you must match with the need of situation when choosing the right size of round bar. For instance, the thicker diameter is preferred to use for construction and engineering works, whereas a thinner round bar is suitable for automobiles or other light industrial applications. Steel round bar is having a high malleability and ductility which can be easy to modify or cut into the desired size. However, too much of the modification will adversely affect its strength or other properties.

Round bar can also be found in other materials such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, or Brass. Stainless Steel Round Bar is highly corrosion resistant which can tolerate a high level of acidity and suitable to be used in the external environment and exposed to chlorine or alkaline. Aluminium Round Bar Malaysia provides a lighter weight, strong corrosion-resistance, and high malleability which can be easy to machine and cut. Brass Round Bar can be in the application where requires electrical conductivity, spark resistance, a certain level of strength, and corrosion resistance, common applications such as fasteners fittings, marine hardware, or instruments.

Drill Rod Malaysia

Drill Rod

Drill Rod Malaysia is commonly made from a variety of tool steel. It is ground to a tight tolerance diameter, in a surface finish, and free from defects, suitable to be drill bits, dowel pins, and tools. It can also be fabricated in square shape depends on requirements. Generally, the drill rod will be tempered before machining which removes some of the hardness and makes the steel easily work with. There is two manufacturing process for the drill rod which are water-hardened and oil-hardened. The water-hardened drill rod is being heated first and then put in the water for the cooling process which can result in a hard, durable metal form. This kind of drill rod can not be welded but it is more easily to be machined than oil-hardened types. Water-hardened is normally used for hammer and files. In contrast, The oil-hardened drill rod is being hardened with the warm oil which acts as the cooling substance. It can become extremely hard after the process. It is very tough, durable, easy to be welded and machined, they are usually used for general tools.

Shafting Malaysia


Shafting is a round bar that is made with high-quality steel, in high precision with a polished and straight surface. They are completely flawless and meeting the requirement of lasting for a long period of time with minimal maintenance. Shafting is used for some important industries and appliances that require a high level of accuracies such as laboratory tools, weather measuring devices, motor shafts, engine shafts, driveshaft, or other relevant areas. Shafting is generally used for rotating parts to transfer the power between parts of the system, it may also be used for supporting the system components. It is often used in conjunctions with a variety of fittings such as collars, joints, or gears.

Shafting Supplier Malaysia

Induction hardening is the process of manufacturing the shafting as it required an extremely high level of precision. Steel’s core properties will be maintained under the process and then will be quenched in water or polymer which creates a martensitic structure to make the shafting very hard. The shaft can be made in multiple end designs which may include threaded, splined tips, or knurled. It can be manufactured in a wide range of metals and alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon steel. When choosing the material type, diameter, length of the shaft, it is important to consider the requirement of mechanical specifications and environmental conditions as the shaft may be required to endure extreme and repeated stress in some applications or may require a flexible shaft in other conditions.

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