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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What is Personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Personal Protective Equipment is mainly used to protect workers from serious work injuries or diseases caused by exposure to chemical radiation, chemical corrosion, electrical radiation, mechanical equipment, human equipment, or in some dangerous workplaces. It includes safety google, safety helmets, safety shoes, earplugs, masks, respiratory protection equipment, fluorescent clothing, hand gloves, and coverall clothing and other equipment.

Why is PPE important?

Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment is to reduce the risk of hazards and personal injury. Before entering the construction site, we all need to ensure the safety of the workplace and provide training programs for employees before the work to increase their self-awareness. In addition, the person in charge of the construction site also needs to arrange manpower to supervise the workers and the safety equipment of the construction site during the project to ensure that the project can be completed smoothly under safe conditions.

Even when working on a construction site where the safety system has been confirmed to be normal, there may still be some hazards. These injuries. For example, breathing in contaminated air makes the lungs difficult to breathe; being injured by suddenly falling building materials; accidentally contacting highly corrosive substances; suddenly being splashed into eyes by corrosive liquids, and so on. In order to avoid these accidents, we must do our own protective facilities.

Personal protective equipment should be designed and certified for safety and should be cleaned regularly to keep it in good condition. And workers need to choose the suitable protective gear to ensure complete coverage and no danger exposure.

We will introduce you to several major personal protective equipment below.


1. Face Shield and Safety Googles

The face shield that is often seen in the industry is a welding shield, which can cover all the face and it is mainly used for welding work to prevent the strong light and metal flying debris generated during the welding section from damaging the face.

The safety goggles only cover the part of the eyes, which can prevent metal, sand and other splashing objects from damaging the eyes. It is mostly used for machine tools, and other types of work. Some of the safety goggles have the function of anti-radiation, which can prevent strong light such as harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes. This type of radiation protection goggles is mainly used in smelting and casting heat treatment.

2. Safety Helmet

Safety helmet is one of the necessary personal protective equipment in construction site operations. There is a small gap between the top of the ordinary helmet and the top of the person's head. The gap cannot be less than 32 mm. This gap has a buffering effect and can slow down the impulse of accidentally falling or flying objects hitting the head.

3. Ear Plug

In the construction site, the sound of some projects may be very loud and high pitch, which surpasses the range that our normal human ears can bear, which may damage our eardrums and cause hearing loss. Therefore, ear protection is also very important.

4. Respiratory protection equipment

Respiratory protective equipment is mainly used to filter and isolate the polluted air from the outside, so as to prevent the lungs from being damaged by inhaling the polluted air. We are mainly divided into two types of respiratory protection equipment, the first is a filter-type respirator. It is suitable for the air with a low concentration of harmful substances, and the wearer can breathe by himself while wearing it to filter and purify the harmful substances in the air. The other is an isolated respirator. This type of respirator can provide fresh air for the wearer to inhale through the air hose, rather than the purified and contaminated air on spot.

5. Hand gloves

There are many types of protective gloves in the industry, such as:

1) Cotton gloves provide protection and comfortable protection for the hand skin and are commonly used in work such as maintenance workers, cargo handling work, and power distribution workers. Not suitable for processing rough or sharp materials.

2) Leather glove can be used in extremely cold or extremely hot operations. It also has flexibility and breathability. Some can also be used in welding work.

3) Rubber gloves are mainly used to protect hands when performing tasks involving chemicals.

6. Safety shoes

Foot protection is to protect the steps from injury during work. There are also many types of safety shoes, such as non-slip, corrosion-resistant, puncture-resistant, fire-proof, anti-smash, anti-penetration, and so on. Working in different construction sites, suitable safety shoes are also different. If our employees work at the construction site, the safety shoes they should wear are puncture-proof, anti-smashing, and anti-skid; and if working in the chemical industry, we must wear the safety shoes that are anti-corrosive and anti-chemical.


Some of the important personal protective equipment are listed above. These equipment need to be carefully selected, maintained, and regularly inspected to ensure that the equipment is complete and able to protect our safety. Want to find personal protective equipment that suitable for your occupation? Then contact us immediately at 011-7001 7687 or email to

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