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Perforated Sheet Metal

Perforated Metal Sheet Malaysia

The perforated metal sheet was first introduced 150 years ago for the purpose of filtering coal in the mining industry. To understand the manufacturing and application of the perforated sheet metal, we will need to know ‘What is perforation’?. Perforation is the process of stamping or punching manually or mechanically on a material sheet to create certain patterns or shapes of holes. Perforated metal is made under this process by using a rotary pinned perforation roller with pointed needles to create regular holes on the sheet. Another manufacturing process is called ‘die and punch’ perforating which has a sheet with needles that punches holes into the sheet by repeatedly pressing on the passing metal sheet. Perforated sheet metal is ranging from light to heavy gauge thickness and available in several material types such as galvanized metal sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, copper, brass, titanium, and plastic. It can be designed in either small or large openings depends on the requirements.

Perforated sheet metal is widely used in different industries for multiple purposes. For example, we will use it in the construction industry for certain functional and decorative purposes, such as it can be designed as a sunshade, sun protection slates, cladding, or facades for the building to achieve a better sun-blocking and heat dissipation functions. The perforated sheet installed in front of the building can reduce a load of air conditions to a large extent and result in an estimated energy saving of up to 45 percent per year. In addition, by installing it as ventilation grilles and sun protection screens of the ventilation and air conditioning system in the building, it can lead to a better airflow and shading purpose. We also can use it as the acoustic panels to improve the sound insulation in the room. A study has shown that perforated sheet metal can effectively reduce the sound level and limit the health effects caused by noise. It helps to control the noises while still providing us a comfortable environment. We also use it as a speaker’s cover which provides a high open area that allow sounds pass through and at the same time protects the speaker from any damage.

Perforated Sheet Metal Supplier Malaysia

Its characteristic of Anti-skid due to its surface design and opening holes has made it suitable to be installed as a walking plate in the factory, staircase, office, or other transport areas. It helps to reduce the possibility of slipping and increase the level of safety. The perforated sheet has been proven as durable properties that can be used as a balcony guardrail for preventing falling. Perforated sheet metal also widely used in the automotive industry as oil filters, tractor engine ventilation, air filters or running boards. Besides, it can be made as machine baskets, gas purifiers, battery separator plates, coal washing or mine cages to be used in the chemical and energy industry. As we can see many examples mentioned above, there are many application functions available for the perforated sheet metal in our daily life & working environment.

Perforated sheet is available in the following designs and patterns:

Round Hole Perforated Sheet

Round Hole Perforated Sheet Malaysia

This is the most popular pattern available in the market due to its easy to produce and cheaper than any other pattern. This kind of circular die of punching sheet can also last longer and has better aesthetic effects which made them become the most popular and value-to-money choice. It is also available in a wide range of hole sizes, materials, sheet sizes, and gauges for different application purposes. Round Hole Perforated sheet is widely used as sunscreen, decorative banister, balcony panel, air conditioning grilles, or ceiling panel. To use as perforated fencing and banister can keep secure of people and protect the properties from damage. The way of arrangement of the hole pattern can be classified into three types which are straight type, 45° staggered, and 60° staggered type. The 60° staggered type is considered to have the highest cost-effectiveness, the most durable and versatile one.

Slot Hole Perforated Sheet

Slot Hole Perforated Sheet Malaysia

The type of perforated sheet is punched with holes that are in elongated shape with a round or square ends which made them good at filtrating water, seeds, or grain, for both liquids and solids. Slot Hole Perforated sheet is suitable to be installed in flour and rice mill, conveyor belt, and cleaning/drying machine for grain or seeds.

Square Hole Perforated Sheet

Square Hole Perforated Sheet Malaysia

Square Hole Perforated Sheet is the best alternative to the round hole perforated sheet. The holes punched in square pattern with a greater open area which made them suitable to be used as the grilles of the speaker. It can provide a better safety and ventilation function that allows sound and air to pass through easily. We can find this type of perforated sheets as our air conditioning guard, machinery guard, or in a computer server. The arrangements of the holes are available in straight type, staggered type, and diagonal types which suitable for multiple application and decoration purposes.

Hexagonal Perforated Sheet

Hexagonal Perforated Sheet Malaysia

It has the highest opening area than any other type of perforated metal sheet. We normally use the hexagonal perforated sheet on the place where requires a high volume of airflow with architectural requirements.

Decorative Perforated Sheet

Decorative Perforated Sheet Malaysia

Decorative Perforated sheet is mainly made for architectural purposes where the building or objects require aesthetic effect for its interior or exterior appearance. This is also available in different types of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. For the decoration purpose, we can add powder coating or polishing on its surface to create astonishing looks. The pattern of the holes can be customized in any shape depend on the requirements, but normally we will find diamond, oblong, triangular shape more frequently in the application.

Perforated Plastic Sheet

Perforated Plastic Sheet Malaysia

Perforated Plastic Sheet is made of polypropylene or PVC materials. This kind of material provides a more flexible characteristic while offering a better chemical and corrosive resistance than other steel materials. It is normally used in drain or strainers where require highly acid resistance. The perforated plastic sheet is also lighter than the perforated metal sheet.

MecHero is a perforated metal sheet supplier in Malaysia. We offer a wide range perforated metal sheet in different sizes, shapes, material types, and gauges. You can always contact us at +6011-7001 7687 or email to us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now about the steel product you're looking for and we can advise you accordingly.

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