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Most Common Uses of Brass | Brass Products

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Brass Hardware Malaysia

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Due to its unique properties, it is one of the most widely sued alloys in many residential and industrial products. Brass has long been popular to be used for building decorative purposes, machined parts, and other applications available in our daily life such as locks, doorknobs, pipes, and many more. There are many types of brass products in the market which are composed in many different ways depending on the application. We will discuss more its features and the most common uses of brass in Malaysia.

Brass is one of the most widely used alloys due to its unique properties and versatility, there are endless industries and products that are made of this kind of alloy. Brass is a flexible material that is able to undergo the process of casting, rolling, hot-stamping, and made into rod, plate, tube, sheet, foil, wire, etc. The proportions of copper and zinc in brass can be adjusted to fit for different applications. A higher level of zinc will result in a lower ductile whereas a low level of zinc can provide more ductile and high machinability. Similar to copper, brass is antimicrobial and a poor breeding place for bacteria. This feature makes it suitable to be the ideal material for medical appliances, bathroom fixtures, doorknob, handles that require high hygiene concern. Brass products also having high corrosion resistance and don’t get rusted easily, although it may be tarnished over time but won’t develop patina easily. It won’t be degraded and affected by external environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight or in a sub-zero environment. Brass is also has a high electrical conductivity which can have up to 44% of the pure copper and considered to be very resistant. It is also recyclable, there is around 90% of all brass are recycled in today’s market. With these amazing properties, brass is widely used in our daily applications and architectural designs.

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What are the common uses of Brass?

Due to the mixture of copper, zinc, and other additives, brass is having an outstanding color and texture which provide perfectly matches any architectural design of the building. Since brass is highly malleable and ductile, it can be used for a wide range of architectural application and easily topping on other construction materials. Brass products will be the perfect choice if you are looking for modern decorative coverings for the surfaces of your building finishing, it provides a range of colors from dull yellows, golden yellow to brown and black color that certainly beautify the building. We will also often see it used as architectural fascia, hedges, trims, or materials for the refurbishment of the historical buildings. Alloy 385, also known as architectural bronze which is commonly used for construction and architectural applications such as channels, square tube, angles, and more. Architectural angle and bar products made of brass are able to retain gloss over a long period of time without the requirements of additional polishing.

Brass Machined Parts Malaysia

Since it has excellent machining properties and able to exhibit minimal friction, Brass is commonly for manufacturing machined parts and mechanical components such as bearings, gears, engines, and many more. Tools like hammers, flat knives made of brass are available for our daily uses. These tools and components made of brass are strong and have extended life which requires the least sharpening and maintenance. The addition of brass into the tools can improve the mechanical & physical properties of the material and increase its resistance to corrosion. Brass is the ideal material for the manufacturing of security hardware and ironmongery such as doorknobs, locks handle, or cabinet pulls as it has fine tolerances in machining and able to produce the smooth operation of moving parts. It can be easily be cast, bend, and molded into the desired shape. The doorknobs and locks made of brass are durable and able to last for decades in which we can save the cost and time on replacing them. Brass is also considered one of the most popular materials for building’s handrail as it is easy to extrude and antibacterial. The use of brass on these frequent touch items can help to prevent the spread of harmful bacterial and disease in the community.

One of the most common uses of brass is to be found in our plumbing system and application such as valves, elbows, pipes, couplings, and plugs due to its high rust resistance. For achieving greater protection from rusting, brass piping accessories are required to be made of 67% to 85% copper, whereas the best grade of brass piping called red brass pipe which contains 85% copper. Brass piping and its accessories are easier to thread than steel pipe, it can also provide long-lasting usage and won’t create friction losses inside the pipe. Brass is a better choice over steel material when using in a large distribution water system or hot-water system in terms of their natural properties. Alloy 360, the most common type of brass, also known as fee-cutting brass which contains a high percentage of zinc, is commonly found to be applied and manufactured of plumbing fittings, valves, hardware components, tools, or fasteners. Whereas alloy 330 which contains low lead content at around 0.5% and suitable for the cold-working process, is commonly used to manufacture tubes and pipes.

Brass Instruments

Another popular application of brass is musical instruments. Brass is the most economical material choice for making musical instruments, which is collectively known as brass instruments. They are mostly made with yellow brass (contains 70% copper, 30% zinc) and gold brass (contains 85% copper, 15% zinc). Instruments made of brass can produce a very good timbre, for instance, yellow brass can produce a tighter and bright timbre, whereas gold brass produces a richer and broader timbre. Brass instruments include trumpet, tenor horn, baritone horn, trombone, and many other horns in various sizes. Brass is often to be used as the component of watches, ammunition, or other electrical parts due to its natural property of resistance to magnetism and spark. Alloy 353 also refer as clock brass which is often used to fabricate precision parts and components such as watch and clock part due to its high machinability.

When considering which brass alloy or which brass product to be used for your project, it is important to identify the purpose of usage and the expected final product. You may refer to the common types of alloy and their application to give a better idea of the type of alloy for your projects. MecHero Malaysia supplies a wide range of brass products for common uses and industrial applications in Malaysia. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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