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Introduction to Rigging Equipment | Types & Applications

Rigging Equipment Supplier Malaysia

Rigging equipment is an important component for shifting, lifting, moving loads. It includes all the devices and elements that are used to push, pull, hoist, and lift large objects. Rigging equipment plays an important role when performing rigging services such as mining, excavating, or logging purposes in construction and engineering industries. It helps to secure the lifted object and distribute its weight evenly to the moving devices. Different types of rigging jobs require different moving devices. You should choose the rigging equipment based on the load being moved and the application environment to move the object. The right rigging equipment chosen for the rigging service can ensure the entire process is performed efficiently and safely. Here we will introduce a few common types of rigging hardware and the things you should know when using the rigging equipment.

There are many types of rigging equipment available and each is used for different applications.

The rigging equipment includes eyes bolts, blocks & pulleys, rigging hooks, wire ropes, spreader bars, and lifting beams

1. Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts Malaysia

Eyebolts are the most common type of rigging hardware and are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. They are used for looping cables or as anchor points in the rigging system. Eyebolts can be classified into two categories which are shouldered bolts and non-shouldered bolts. Shouldered eye bolts are used for angular connections while non-shouldered eye bolts are used in the vertical rigging systems. Other eye bolts such as straight eye bolts, screw eye bolts, U-bolts are also popular in the market.

2. Blocks & Pulleys

Blocks and pulleys are widely used in different industries for lifting heavy objects. They can reduce the kind of forces required to lift the heavy object and lift without excessive force. There is a variety of lifting blocks and pulleys available for the rigging application, including square blocks, swivel blocks, tilt-up blocks, and snatch blocks. Pulley can be set in either a single or double system and normally work with rigging ropes to lift the object. The selection of pulley depends on the rigging rope, the sheave size, and the frame type you’re using.

Blocks & Pulleys Malaysia

3. Rigging Hooks

Rigging Hooks Malaysia

Rigging hooks are normally made of forged alloy steel to lift heavy objects. Some common types of rigging hooks are choker hooks, sorting hooks, eye hooks, clevis grab. When choosing the right rigging hook, you must be based on the material being moved, the angle of the lift, the hook opening size, the type of shackles used, and its weight load indication.

4. Wire ropes & accessories

Wire Rope Malaysia

Wire ropes are highly resistant cables that are durable and have plenty of size and configuration for different applications. They are mostly used for mooring, rigging, lifting, or other similar applications. The strength of the steel wire rope varies according to its material types, diameter, type of wire finishing, and number of strands. The most common type of material used for wire rope is stainless steel. Wire ropes are typically working with other rigging accessories such as thimbles, clips, stops, slings, and sleeves for performing the task.

5. Spreader Bars & Lifting Beams

Both spreader bars and lifting beams are used to connect the crane and the load. The main difference between these two types of rigging equipment is that lifting beams handle the weight from a single point and then connect directly to the hoist or crane. They are normally used for handling lighter loads. Whereas, spreader bars carry the weight over two or more pick points and the weight is distributed equally along the length of the bar. Spreader bars are able to handle more loads and be more stable than lifting beams. Spreader bars also tend to be less expensive and lighter when compared to the lifting beam.

Spreader Bars & Lifting Beams Malaysia

Things to consider when choosing the right rigging equipment

Firstly, you need to consider the weather and environment of the working site. Some rigging equipment is not suitable for extreme conditions such as extremely hot, cold, or salty environments. For instance, a stainless steel hardware material should be used for the project that is surrounded by saltwater bodies to reduce the risk of getting rusted. Secondly, it is important to know the material and the load of the object you’re lifting. Each type of rigging hardware has its own load limit and capacity that indicates the heaviest weight it can handle safely. You will need to figure out the total weight of the object being lifted to decide which rigging equipment is suitable for the application. Additionally, you should always invest in the rigging hardware that is quality assured and buy from reputable sources to ensure a safe working site.

Safety tips when using rigging equipment

Before using the rigging equipment, you should check the conditions of the rigging equipment to avoid any cracks, stretches, bends that may increase the risk under heavy loads. A regular inspection service should also be done regularly to ensure it can run smoothly and safely. When using the rigging equipment, you must use it according to the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Each rigging equipment has its own requirements on how to connect it to the lifting equipment, the maximum weight it can handle, and the right position to use it. A proper application of rigging equipment can improve the safety of the workplace and improve work efficiency. It is also important to ensure the load is balanced and well secured with the rigging equipment to avoid falling, rotating, or tipping.

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Rigging Equipment Malaysia

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