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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used to collect wastes in the industrial production process, clean, filter and purify small particles, and dust in the air. It is a kind of cleaning equipment often used in the industry. Compared with ordinary household vacuum cleaners, this industrial vacuum cleaner can work continuously for a longer time. It has a long service life, strong suction, and a large space for storing dust. For different industrial activities and cleaning purposes, different types of industrial vacuum cleaners are used. Industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly used in various fields such as precision mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, textile industry, and the foundry industry.

Industrial vacuum cleaners use the vacuum principle to solve cleaning problems in the industrial field. Its internal components mainly include a vacuum pump, dust bag, hose, and electric exhaust fan. After energizing, the industrial vacuum cleaner will run at high speed, instantly forming a vacuum state inside the vacuum cleaner, and can make the internal air pressure lower than the outside air pressure. Due to the airflow, the dust and small particles in the air will move into the vacuum cleaner. After filtering through the dust bag, dust and other particles will stay in the dust bag. The purified air is returned to the room through the electric motor to cool the electric motor and purify the air.

Some of the more common industrial vacuum cleaners are listed below: wet and dry vacuum cleaner, dry cleaner, explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum sweeper, automatic vacuum cleaner, and so on.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can absorb anything dry or wet, whether it is a powder, solid, or liquid. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can easily absorb anything. Therefore, we can use the vacuum cleaner purely as a wet vacuum cleaner or as a dry vacuum cleaner.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner has one more centrifugal chamber than ordinary vacuum cleaners. The main purpose of this centrifugal chamber is when dust or water is sucked into the centrifugal chamber, it will rotate at a high speed to separate the water from the dust, and the heavier water will be separated into the collecting bucket below. The lighter dust will enter the filter bag to filter the dust after the centrifugal process.

Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Dry vacuum cleaners are commonly used at home and are mainly used to remove dry debris and dust on carpets or floors. Besides, the filter on the dry vacuum cleaner can help remove dust and debris that can easily cause allergies, such as dog hair, dirt, and so on.

Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners

Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for some working areas that will generate some flammable and explosive dust and gas. The gases emitted by these industries are easily mixed with air to form explosive mixtures. Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners are often used in petroleum plants and coal mines. For example, in the petroleum industry, a large amount of gas is generated, and the coal industry generates a large amount of coal powder. These gases and liquids are flammable and explosive, so explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaners are required to prevent explosions and ensure the safety of the project.

Vacuum Sweeper

The vacuum sweeper is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment. Usually used to purify and filter the fumes and toxic gases generated during the welding session. This type of vacuum cleaner can protect the working environment, reduce air pollution, and protect the health of workers. It is suitable for electric welding operations such as manual ARC welding and TIG welding in the field of mechanical engineering technology.

Automatic vacuum cleaner

The feature of the automatic vacuum cleaner is that it automatically cleans. That is to say, this type of vacuum cleaner can work without the supervision of an operator, and it will automatically shut down when the cleaning task is over. Besides, it also has sensors to ensure that it avoids hitting things or falling downstairs. The design of the automatic vacuum cleaner is very light and it can be moved easily. This type of vacuum cleaner does not require a cleaning bag and has low noise during working. However, it is relatively rare in the industrial sector, and most of them are used indoors such as homes and commercial blocks.


With the development of modern technology, there are more and more choices of industrial vacuum cleaners. Although the main principles of each industrial vacuum cleaner are similar, each industrial vacuum cleaner has different functions and characteristics. If you want to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner that suits you, you can contact us at 011-7001 7687 or email us to

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