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Industrial Tape 2.0 | Types & Applications

Industrial tape is mainly composed of two parts: a substrate and an adhesive, and has a surface layer of adhesive to connect two or more objects together. This adhesive used rubber in the early periods, and now it is mostly made of different types of polymers. The purpose of the industrial tape is to fix the objects, bond the objects firmly, and have a protective function. Industrial tapes are often used in many fields such as construction engineering, commerce, medical environment, transportation industry, and electronics industry.

There are many types of industrial tapes according to materials, market demand, application scope, etc. We have already mentioned some major industrial tapes in our previous article (, now we will introduce other types of industrial tapes.

Types of Tape

Acrylic Foam Tape

Acrylic foam tape is a high-density acrylic foam substrate, which has high-strength bonding ability and good airtightness. Acrylic foam tape can permanently replace mechanical fasteners and adhesives. It is characterized by the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, anti-aging, weather resistance, and solvent resistance. Acrylic foam tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether it is on the surface of metal, glass, wood, plastic, or ceramic, we can use acrylic foam tape for bonding and sealing purposes. It is widely used in the electronics industry, transportation industry, and automotive industry.

Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum foil tape has high-quality and good-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is characterized by good adhesion, water resistance, chemical resistance, aging resistance, thermal insulation, and easy tearing. It is suitable for the construction industry, air-conditioning industry, manufacturing industry, aviation industry, electronic industry, and so on. Aluminum foil tape is also the main auxiliary material for refrigerator production plants. Aluminum foil adhesive is coated with rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can produce the function of a vapor barrier, and is used for covering thermal insulation and shielding. This function enables aluminum foil tape to be used in HVAC systems.

Drywall Tape

Drywall tape is a kind of tape coated with a rubber adhesive and has a glass grid pattern. It is usually used to cover the gaps or holes in the drywall. Drywall tape has waterproof performance and high durability. Before using drywall tape, we must pay attention that the wall must be dry (not wet surface), otherwise, the drywall tape will not stick to it firmly. Walls with rough surfaces are the most adhesive. Drywall tape is specially used for repair work in buildings.

PVC tape

PVC tape is made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with a strong adhesive on one side and can be used on a variety of different surfaces. PVC tape has a variety of different colors and sizes for selection. PVC tapes are made of PVC, therefore, they have electrical insulation properties. The electrical tape mentioned in the previous article is also a kind of PVC tape. The characteristics of PVC tape also include high stretchability, water resistance, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on. PVC tape is usually used in the construction industry, automobile maintenance industry, electrical industry, electronics industry, and other industries. On top of that, it can be used as a hazard warning and a sign of social distancing as well.

Self-amalgamating tape

Self-amalgamating tape is a kind of tape made of rubber without any adhesive or glue. It can be bonded by stretching or overlapping. It means that the self-amalgamating tape will fuse itself, so it can provide a seamless bonding and sealing result. This kind of tape also has the function of electrical insulation, waterproofing and is suitable for use in electronic equipment, the aviation industry, the construction industry, and cable applications. If the self-amalgamating tape is encapsulated on the periphery of the cable, it can be used for protection, leakage prevention, and fire hazards.

Warning Caution Tape

Warning Caution Tape is made of PVC film. Warning caution tape has the advantages of waterproof, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Warning caution tape can be used in laboratories, supermarkets, gas stations, parks, buildings, traffic, and other areas as warning signs to warn the public. You can find warning caution tape in different colors on the market, such as: black and yellow, red and white. The red and white warning caution tape mainly means that no entry into the dangerous environment is allowed; the black and yellow means that this area requires special attention to safety. Warning caution tape is highly viscous and easy to remove. It can be used on various surfaces, such as cement floors, wooden boards, marble, ceramic tiles, etc.

We hope our article can increase your understanding of industrial tapes. If you want to buy any types of industrial tapes, please contact our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or send inquiry to

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