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Industrial Lighting Types & Application | LED Lighting

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Manufacturing factories and industrial facilities use a lot of energy and their electric bill is largely contributed by lighting. These places have higher ceilings and large open spaces for performing a wide variety of tasks and purposes which require very specific lighting solutions. Suitable lighting can create a safe working environment and improve the overall health performance of the workforce. The lighting system may also need to withstand rough conditions such as extreme temperature, moisture, and dust. It is a vital task for selecting the right lighting solution in factories, warehouses, or other industrial facilities.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Industrial Lighting

There are a few safety considerations you should take into account when choosing the right type of lighting for commercial or industrial applications. Factories and warehouses are used to perform many operation activities which may include the precision works and driving of forklifts. Consistent and high lighting that can reach more areas is essential to the industrial workplace as a dimly lit workplace may lead to serious accidents. In this case, you should have a good arrangement and control over the light contribution. Additionally, the level of glare should be kept at a minimal level in any workplace settings as a momentary loss of visibility caused by glare may lead to severe consequences in a high-risk operation. It is suggested to use LED lights as their lens design can offer a glare-free environment. The color temperature of the lighting is also one of the important things that you should consider when setting the lighting in your building. Different color temperature provides significant differences in the feel and looks of a space. The right color temperature can improve the overall working environment, safer operation, and mean the product can be better processed, which leads to better product quality. You should also take into account the ambient temperature at the mounting height as the hot air is trapped in the ceiling when the heat rises. The LED fixtures with high-grade housing materials that dissipate heat are designed for high ambient temperature should be used to ensure a well-lit factory over a long period of time. The LED lighting is also ideal for refrigerated rooms with a low temperature. Another consideration is the maintenance cost. The warehouse and factory usually have a high ceiling that makes the changing of defective light bulbs a difficult and tricky task. It is preferred to use the bulk that requires less replacement. LED bulbs offer a longer life expectancy than other comparable alternatives. They can last for nearly 10 years with high energy efficiency that save energy cost in a long-term period.

Industrial Lighting Malaysia

Types of Industrial Lighting

In today, many LED lighting fixtures are created for industrial applications. These fixtures have specifications that are highly suitable for factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, or other types of industries. Here we will introduce a few common types of LED lighting fixtures that are used in industries.

Industrial lighting can be classified as area lighting or task lighting. Area lighting consists of high-bay and low-bay fixtures. They are suitable for open spaces such as warehouses that require high power of lighting to achieve adequate and even illumination over a large area.

Area Lighting

High-Bay and Mid-Bay fixtures

Manufacturing plants or factories usually have taller ceilings that are approximately 25 feet or higher in order to accommodate heavy machinery or to have better ventilation. High-bay and mid-bay luminaires are the most popular industrial lighting fixture for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other workplaces. These types of fixtures can be used for vertical and horizontal lighting planes and are also able to work with a variety of reflectors in providing a better light distribution and directional illumination. High bay lighting is normally hung from the ceiling via chains, pendants, hooks, or other accessories that are fixed on the ceiling. Because they have high mounting heights, changing of bulb can be a challenging task and require some specialized equipment. LED lighting is your preferred choice for a high bay fixture as it uses a diode to generate light, which means that they have few moving parts that are susceptible to break. Fewer breakages indicate less replacement and repair required. LED high bay fixtures to provide a longer average lifespan, higher efficiency, heat emission, directionality, and many more other advantages than conventional luminaires.

High-Bay Lighting Malaysia

Low Bay fixtures

Low bay fixtures are suitable for factories and warehouses where have lower ceilings and mounting heights. They can provide full-spectrum and crisp white light with better uniformity and coverage, which is also suitable for the area that is difficult to reach.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting Malaysia

On the other hand, task lighting brings closer and focus light on where the worker performs. They allow you to achieve recommended illumination with low-powered lights. Task lighting can be used in many industrial tasks such as assembly workstations, machine assembly cells, inspection stations, or where the operator needs to be able to see clearly in order to work on the components. The use of task lighting provides you with a safer working environment and be more productive in your works. When selecting the task lighting for the work, durability and flexibility are important factors you need to consider. Task lighting with high durability is able to work under the harshest working conditions. Their flexibility also allows you to move or bend the light fixture at different angles to provide the best lighting if possible.

The advancement of LED technology and lighting has created a higher possibility for better energy efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and controllability across different industries. Investing in quality LED industrial lighting can bring you maximum savings on the electrical bill and provide a safe working environment. MecHero hardware stores supply a wide range of industrial lighting that meet your requirement. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about industrial lighting in Malaysia. As a steel and online hardware store in Malaysia, we also supply a wide range of steel materials, general hardware, or mechanical components. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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