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How to Measure Water Pressure | Water Pressure Gauge

The water pressure gauge is a dial-type mechanical instrument, which is mainly used in water treatment equipment to measure the water pressure of various water qualities to ensure that the water pressure is in a standard range. The water pressure gauge is generally suitable for ambient temperature between -40 degrees and 70 degrees. The water pressure gauge is mostly made of stainless steel, and its scale is usually from 1 to 10. Of course, there are other scale ranges in different types. General water pressure gauges are based on atmospheric pressure. The water pressure gauge is an indicator connected to the water pipe, which converts the pressure received into units such as Pascals and PSI. Its characteristics are durable, easy to install, and do not require frequent maintenance. The water pressure measured by the water pressure gauge can be divided into static and dynamic forms. If it is static, the water pressure is uniform. If it is dynamic, the direction of the water flow will generate additional pressure. For different pressure benchmarks and uses, water pressure gauges can be divided into different types.

According to different uses, pressure gauges are divided into many different types in the market. The most common types of pressure gauge are the following:

Manometer pressure gauge

A manometer pressure gauge is composed of a small U-shaped transparent tube, which is filled with measuring liquid such as mercury. When one side of the manometer pressure gauge is under pressure, the liquid in the U-shaped tube will rise, so that we can read the pressure by the position where the water level rises.

Bourdon pressure gauge

There is a curved tube inside the Bourdon pressure gauge. When any pressurized air or pressurized liquid enters the Bourdon pressure gauge, this tube will straighten and interact with the internal gear to move the pointer. At this time, we can observe the pressure range according to the position of the pointer. The Bourdon pressure gauge is suitable for use in the storage tank of the well water system to measure whether the water pressure in the pump is normal.

Diaphragm pressure gauge

The diaphragm pressure gauge mainly uses the deflection of the diaphragm to measure the fluid pressure. This diaphragm has corrosion resistance and can isolate contaminated medium, so this diaphragm pressure gauge can be used for corrosive fluids. Its working principle is the same as the Bourdon pressure gauge, when it is under pressure, it will produce displacement. Diaphragm pressure gauges are mostly used to measure lower pressure.

Absolute Pressure Gauge

The absolute pressure gauge mainly works in a vacuum environment, so the pressure it measures does not include atmospheric pressure. Since the absolute pressure gauge is in a vacuum environment, it will not be affected by any external pressure. There is a diaphragm inside, which separates the vacuum chamber and the medium chamber, and it will enter the vacuum chamber when the pressure rises. The absolute pressure gauge is very suitable for use in the aviation industry or air conditioning systems because it will not be affected by changes in weather and altitude.

Capsule Pressure Gauge

The capsule pressure gauge has two corrugated diaphragms with a capsule connected around it. There is a small hole in the center of the first diaphragm, and the medium will enter through this small hole. When under pressure, the diaphragm will begin to expand or contract, transferring the pressure to be measured into the capsule. At this time, the pressure in the capsule will rise and produce a deformation, and the surface of the instrument will also produce a rotational movement. Most of the capsule pressure gauges measure the pressure of the gaseous state.

The water pressure of normal household pipes is between 30psi and 80psi. If it exceeds 80psi, we should install a pressure regulator on the pipeline to protect the pipeline and to avoid water leakage or accidents happening. The purpose of the pressure regulator is that it can adjust the water pressure manually or automatically to ensure that the water pressure at home is normal.

Therefore, the water pressure gauge is a very important monitoring tool for household and industrial use. To choose the right water pressure gauge or plan to replace your home's water pressure gauge, please contact our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or, MecHero sincerely helps you choose the right water pressure gauge.

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