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How to choose the rain gutter? Roofing Accessories & Tools

The rain gutter is one of the most important parts of roofing accessories & tools which can help us to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the building. It is important for us to understand the types of rain gutter available in the market and make the best selection when choosing our roofing accessories and tools.

The rain gutter is a long, hollow element attached to the edge of the roofing. The main purpose of the rain gutter is to gather the runoff water from your roof caused by the rain, channel the water through the downspouts and then direct it to appropriate areas outside the home, make it away from the foundation of the building. It can safely manage the stormwater and directly provide protection to the building. If we don’t install the gutter for diverting the rainwater, the water builds up will create a powerful surge on the ground, seeping into the foundation and increase the risk of structural instability and basement leaking issues. The maintenance and regular cleaning of the gutter is also very important. If you fail to clean the gutter in a regular manner, the gutter and downspout will be clogged and the rainwater will be trapped. Accumulated water and debris will create hygiene issues and may cause the breeding of mosquitoes. It is advisable to clean the traditional gutter at least twice a year to ensure it is unblocked. If you want to save time and money spend on the cleaning of the rain gutter, there is an option of installing a seamless gutter system that won't clog and don’t require any cleaning.

Half-Round Gutter Malaysia
Half-Round Gutter

What are the differences between regular gutters and seamless gutter system?

When we come into selecting the gutter for our house, there are two main types of gutter available which are regular/traditional gutter and seamless gutter. Regular gutter, often called sectional gutters or seamed gutter which is pre-cut into multiple sections in the factory, then join together at the seams of each section when attaching to the roof. It is easy to install and can be done with DIY project. Because there are joints and seams on the gutter, the leaves and other debris will be easily clogged and get stuck in the seams, which can cause clogging and lead to a potential risk of leaking. Regular maintenance is required to clean the clogs and maintain its functionality to prevent further damage to our house’s foundation.

Profiles of Gutter

There is a variety of profiles available for the rain gutter, from a traditional design to a more contemporary design. The Half-Round Gutter has a half-cylinder with an opening on the top side, it is the most popular gutter profile and is perfect for both traditional and contemporary design concept. Due to its curve design, it allows the water to run smoothly and fall into the center of the gutter. It is normally installed with round downspouts. The half-round gutter is normally used in older and historic houses. Another popular profile of gutter is K-Style Gutter which has a flat surface on the bottom and backside, whereas its front side is typically designed as a curved look like a crown molding shape. Most of the K-style gutter is together installed with rectangular downspouts.

K-Style Gutter Malaysia
K-Style Gutter

Another type of profile is called ‘Deep Gutter’ which is similar to the half-round gutter but it has a deeper channel and suitable to be installed in the area where has a high volume of rainfall and water. Due to its design, it can hold more water than a normal gutter. Box gutter, also known as square gutter or trough gutter which has 3 sided flat surfaces and a square-shaped base. Box gutter is normally fixed directly to the framework of the house, suitable for contemporary apartment and outbuildings which already incorporated angular features. The box gutter also has a larger capacity for channeling a high volume of water.

Gutter Material Types

Vinyl Gutter: Vinyl gutter is one of the most popular choices for the gutter system. It is lightweight, cheaper, easy to install, and no need to worry about it to be rusted over a period of time. It is available in a variety of colors but the color might be faded from exposure to the sun. It is an economical choice and less complicated which allows us to install ourselves and DIY. However, it may be easy to crack in colder weather and environment and there may have water pooling in some area if the installation was not done properly.

Aluminum Gutter: Many people now is using aluminum gutter for their projects. It is light-weight, high strength, durable, rust-proof, and easy to work with DIY projects. Unlike the vinyl gutter, it can withstand cold weather and the environment. Due to its characteristics, the aluminum gutter system can maintain its optimal performance over its lifetime and provide great value for money. We can repaint it into other colors that best suited to the house design. It is available in a seamless model as well.

Zinc Gutter: Zinc gutter is rust-proof and more durable than the aluminum gutter. It doesn’t require additional painting since it can develop a patina over time. Because the seams and joint require welding techniques to join together, we will need to hire professionals to carry out the installation part. Zin Gutter is normally used in high-end residences, luxury dwellings, or historic restoration as its cost is extremely pricey.

Copper Gutter: Copper gutter is quite similar to Zinc gutter as it is also corrosion-resistant, durable, and doesn’t require painting. This material can minimize the growth of lichens and moss which reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance. The seams and joints need to be welded and require professionals to complete the installation process. The copper gutter is also pricey and not common to be found in any residential home. Its attractive color and exceptional beauty made it suitable to be installed in some luxury and historic buildings.

By choosing the right type, profile, and material of the rain gutter, we need to consider our requirements, budget, and overall design of the roofing and building. MecHero Malaysia supplies a wide range of rain gutter and other roofing accessories and tools in Malaysia. You can always contact us at +6011-7001 7687 or email us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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