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How does lawn mower works?

With the development of agriculture and the improvement of mechanization in recent years, the previous manual agricultural tools have been gradually replaced by new generation machines. A lawn mower is a mechanical device used to mow lawns. It is mainly composed of the engine, cutter head, blade, walking mechanism, armrest, and other parts. The shaft of the engine is equipped with one or more blades. The blades rotate at high speed under the operation of the engine to trim the grass to a uniform height, thereby reducing working time and improving work efficiency. Lawn mowers are usually equipped with wheels to facilitate movement. Some lawn mowers are also equipped with a steering wheel and handle so that people can drive and move the lawn mower to work on the lawn in different directions. The lawn mower has replaced the previous manual cutting method, which simplifies the work and reduces labor. The lawn mower is suitable for a wide range of places, mainly used to mow lawns, fields, and gardens, to ensure that the environment is beautiful and the grass can grow at an appropriate height.

Choosing the right lawn mower can help us effectively complete the mowing work. First of all, we will discuss the advantages of lawn mowers:

1. Precise cutting

The lawn mower can trim the lawn neatly and evenly cut the grass which is unable to be done by using hand tools to mow the grass. Therefore, when we need to maintain a nice environment or to keep the lawn in a certain shape, we usually recommend using a lawn mower for mowing work.

2. Reduce workload and save time

The growth rate of the lawn is very fast, we need regular mowing every week to control the height and appearance of the lawn. Using lawn mowers not only makes the lawn evenly trimmed but also reduces people's workload and time. We don't need to spend too much energy and effort on the mowing work.

3. Suitable for large and small lawns

In order to meet the needs of the market, we can also choose a suitable lawn mower according to the size of the lawn. In the following article, you can understand some of the types of lawn mowers.

4. Low maintenance costs

The lawn mower does not require maintenance, but the blade may become unsharp after a long period of use. However, after a simple sharpening process, the problem can be solved.

Based on the above advantages, the lawn mower also has a little disadvantage, which is its purchase price is more expensive than ordinary manual lawn mowers. Although the cost of buying a lawn mower in the early stage will be relatively high, in the long run, the lawn mower is durable and can save us a lot of time. Moreover, there are many credit card packages now, and you can pay in installments to buy lawn mowers.

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are many different types of lawn mowers. Most lawn mowers we see on the market have two or four wheels so that they can be moved easily on the lawn. Below we will introduce a few of the more commonly used lawn mowers.

1. Handheld lawn mower

Hand-held lawn mowers are mainly people who need to manually push the lawn mower to move in all directions. This kind of lawn mower is simple in structure and light, and also has a handle, which is convenient for people to hold and manipulate. The height of the lawn mower can also be adjusted according to the height of the user, and it does not need to spend too much effort when moving. It is suitable for lawns, gardens, orchards, and mountainous areas for mowing grass.

2. Gas lawn mower

The gas lawn mower is mechanical equipment that needs to use gasoline as fuel to burn to generate power. This lawn mower belongs to the older model.

3. Cylinder mower

This type of lawn mower mainly uses rollers to cut grass. The rollers are equipped with blades, so when the lawn mower is pushed, the rollers will rotate to cut the grass. This type of lawn mower is usually used in golf courses or club lawns.

4. Riding lawn mower

The riding lawn mower has a seat and a steering wheel. Users can sit on the lawn mower to drive the lawn mower, and then use the steering wheel to change the direction of mowing. Driving this lawn mower is like driving a vehicle. Suitable for working on a wider lawn.

How to choose the right lawn mower?

According to the above article, we hope you can have a certain understanding of lawn mowers. When choosing a lawn mower, what points should we pay attention to?

First of all, we need to pay attention to the scope of work (the size of the lawn). If the lawn is large, we recommend that you use a large lawn mower, which can ensure the working speed and durability. The next step is the cutting width of the lawn mower. If the cutting width is large, the mowing can cut larger lawns more easily. The type of lawn mower is also one of our considerations before purchasing. We can choose different types of lawn mowers according to work needs and personal preferences, such as portable lawn mowers, which can be easily carried. In addition, the tires of the lawn mower also need to be considered. If the mowing work is on an uneven lawn, we'd better choose a lawn mower with a larger tire, because a large tire can maintain stability during work.


The lawn mower facilitates our mowing work. Contact MecHero now to get your suitable lawn mower today. Besides, MecHero also provides the construction materials and mechanical hardware such as mild steel, stainless steel, pipe and so on. Send your enquiry to us at or 011-7000 7687.

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