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How Does A Pipe Threading Machine Works?

The pipe threading machine is mainly used to manufacture the pipe processing by threading on the surface of the pipe. The pipe threading machine is equipped with a forward and reverse device. The automatic threading machine can complete the thread processing more quickly and easily, at the same time, reducing the use of manpower. The pipe threading machine is composed of a motor, a pipe chuck, a cutter holder, a die head, a body, a knife feed device, and other systems.

Threading machines are often used in electronic products, construction projects, and other various pipe threading projects. In our daily life, we can also find some objects with threads, such as brooms, water bottles, storage tanks, etc. Objects with threads allow us to open and close the objects easily. It can engrave pipes with different materials through different configurations. Most of the pipes we use to thread are metal, copper, plastic, or HDPE. The thread patterned by the threading machine is to allow the pipe to be matched with the corresponding nut.

The working principle of the pipe threading machine is to put the pipe which needs to be processed into the pipe chuck to clamp and fix the pipe. After starting the threading machine, the pipe will rotate with the chuck. We must adjust the size of the opening of the die and set the length of the wire mouth before starting the threading process. Then, turn the handwheel of the feed in a clockwise direction, so that the die cutter can be close to the pipe, and the die cutter will start to automatically cut the pipe thread.

On the other hand, the pipe threading machine can also be used to cut the pipe in the same way that the pipe is placed on the pipe chuck and clamped to fix it. After that, we can turn on the machine, move the cutter holder to the pipe to be threaded, and start to rotate the handle on the cutter in a rotating manner to make the blade squeeze the rotating pipe. After the pipe has rotated several times, it will be squeezed and cut off.

There are generally two types of threading machines in the market, one is a heavy-duty electric threading machine, which is mainly made of aluminum alloy material. Therefore, its weight is relatively large, it is not easy to be moved and the price is relatively high. But it has strong stability and is suitable for long-term use in fixed industrial sites. Another one is considered lighter than the heavy-duty threading machine, which is a manual threading machine. The manual threading machine is small in size, convenient to carry and apply. We can adjust the bottom of the manual pipe threader according to different pipe diameters because the die of the manual pipe threader can be replaced separately. The die of the threader can also be used to repair damaged threads. The manual threading machine is suitable for applications in small spaces. Because it has two sets of ratchet devices, it can work faster than other types of tools. The manual threading machine can effectively and accurately cut the thread on the pipe. It is a convenient and easy-to-operate hand-held tool.

Next, let's take a look at the basic operation process of the pipe threading machine. First, we need to check whether the pipe threading machine can operate normally, whether the power supply is connected correctly, and whether the working environment is safe. Especially in terms of power supply, we must make sure to operate without leakage, otherwise, it may cause fire hazards during operation. After we have checked all the safety issues, we can place the pipe to be processed in the threading machine. By adjusting the die head and chamfering tool, the pipe should be placed in a proper position, clamped, and fixed well. Afterward, you can put the cutter frame down on the pipe to be cut, and start the machine for cutting work. On the newly cut section, we need to chamfer it. After the chamfer is completed, the threading can be carried out. Before the threading process, we need to adjust the scale of the wire length control panel to ensure that it fits the pipe diameter. This completes the entire threading process.

The advantages of pipe threading machine are as follows:

  1. There are different types of threading machines in the market to fulfill different project’s demands.

  2. The size for a manual pipe threading machine is small, easy to carry to various construction sites.

  3. The threading process is simple and easy to use.

  4. The precision of the thread is high and the speed is fast. Can be molded at one time.

  5. Easy to find in the market and easy to purchase.

  6. Reasonable price.

Photo credit: LordHireCentres, Indiamart

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