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HDPE Pipes | Compare To Other Pipe Materials

We need to consider several factoring when choosing the right material type of pipe for the projects. At MecHero Malaysia, we offer HDPE pipes in a wide range of sizes and other pipe fittings to meet the requirements. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about the pipe and its fittings.

HDPE Pipe Fittings Malaysia

HDPE pipe stands for high-density polyethylene which is a denser version of polyethylene. It has a high level of impermeability, lightness, flexibility, high resistance to impact and make it suitable to be installed for high-pressure applications. HDPE pipe is a flexible plastic pipe that is mainly used for transmission of gas and fluid such as water mains, sewer system, rural irrigation, electrical conduit, drainage pipes, and other municipal and industrial applications. MecHero Malaysia supplies a wide range of HDPE pipes and their fittings for different applications. We will introduce more about its features and have a short comparison with other material types of piping.

Pipe Fittings Supplier Malaysia

Due to its feature of high flexibility, HDPE pipe can be produced in coils and straight lengths, it also can be installed over bends and uneven terrain continuously without additional welds. HDPE pipe is able to withstand extremely low and high temperature, those chemical agents and acids won’t produce any negative effects on the nature of HDPE pipe. It is also good at resisting earthquakes, fatigue loads, and surges. In this case, HDPE pipe and its fittings are widely used for ground source geothermal applications or earth energy systems. The welding of HDPE pipe is completed by thermofusion welding, in which they are not used together which increases the level of safety when doing the installation. In addition, HDPE pipe has a flat interior surface that facilitates a smooth flow of liquids and it won’t accumulate any sediments inside the pipe. The life expectancy of HDPE pipe has more than 50 years and most likely to last nearly 100 years. These characteristics of HDPE pipe provide us a significant cost saving over a long period of time in comparison with other traditional piping materials. HDPE pipe has now gradually replaced the aging concrete and steel mains pipelines due to its high performance.

HDPE Pipe Supplier Malaysia

Although HDPE Pipe has many outstanding features, it has some disadvantages that we may need to take into account when considering the application of the HDPE pipe. For example, thermal oxidation will affect the performance of the HDPE pipe and its environment stress cracking is lower than LDPE (Low-density polyethylene). It also has a high thermal expansion and poor weathering resistance.

The Differences between HDPE and PVC Pipe

HDPE and PVC belong to the same type of plastic which is known as Thermoplastic. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is amorphous, whereas HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene which is known as semi-crystalline. Both HDPE and PVC pipes are commodity polymers. They offer a variety of benefits and suitable for underground utility construction. HDPE and PVC pipe have some common features such as they are lightweight, made of plastic, corrosion-resistant, bacteriological resistant, and chemical buildup resistant. There are some differences we can distinguish between HDPE and PVC in terms of their characteristic. For instance, HDPE is more durable when compared to the PVC pipe since it is made from petroleum. In term of their durability, both HDPE and PVC is able to withstand under severe weather and high temperature. However, HDPE is proven to be more durable as it possesses a low failure rating in strength when undergoing particular circumstances and environments. The HDPE pipe also found to be able to absorb shock and minimize the surges that affect the overall system. The installation of the PVC pipes is faster than the HDPE pipe as it does not require any specific machinery and can be installed in any weather conditions. The installation of HDPE requires trained operators and additional machinery to manage HDPE pipes in large diameters. The overall costing of using HDPE pipe can be relatively costly when comparing to the PVC pipe as it requires the use of the electrical generator. PVC is common to be used in irrigation, sewer drains, or other general industrial applications. Whereas, HDPE has more various applications such as the distribution of natural gas, petroleum, and chemical products, or other general usages include water, sanitary, and sewer system.

HDPE Pipe Malaysia

The Difference between HDPE Pipe and Galvanized Steel Pipe

HDPE and galvanized steel are popular materials for pipes and pipe fittings. Both of them are durable and corrosion-resistant. They are commonly used for water delivery systems and irrigation. HDPE pipe offers lighter weight than steel pipe since it is plastic. In this case, HDPE pipe will be less costly during the process of manufacturing, transportation, and installation, it helps to save cost on labor and time. The replacement of the HDPE pipe is also easier as we can cut the damaged parts and connect them back with a process called butt fusion.

The Difference between HDPE Pipe and Copper Pipe

The key advantage of the copper pipe over the HDPE pipe is its characteristic of anti-bacterial growth which makes it suitable for delivering potable water. However, copper is not free from corrosion and it may start to rust over a long period of time.

In conclusion, HDPE will be the better choice when applying to a place in a severe environment or where the digging is hard or impossible. We need to consider several factoring when choosing the right material type of pipe for the projects. At MecHero Malaysia, we offer HDPE pipes in a wide range of sizes and other pipe fittings to meet the requirements. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about the pipe and its fittings. As a steel and hardware online supplier in Malaysia, we also supply a wide range of steel material, general hardware, or mechanical components. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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