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Hand Trolley | Hand Truck

What’s a hand trolley/hand truck?

The hand trolley is mainly a tool for manpower pushing or pulling to carry goods. Although the trolley material handling technology is constantly developing, the hand trolley is still one of the indispensable important handling tools. The hand trolley has low cost, simple and convenient operation, and easy maintenance. Therefore, it can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and it is very convenient to carry lighter objects in a short distance. It is often widely used in warehouses and households.

Especially in warehouses, hand trolleys can help workers to load and deliver the items to designated places more quickly and efficiently. The hand trolleys have different types and materials, so people can choose the appropriate hand trolley type according to their requirements. Some of the more common hand trolleys include cage hand trolley, foldable hand truck, hand pallet truck, multiple leveled hand trolley, no handle trolley, upright hand trolley, and wheelbarrow.

Types of hand trolley

1. Cage Hand Trolley

The cage hand trolley is actually a platform cart, but it is surrounded by a metal mesh cage. Therefore, in the process of transportation, the carried items will be fully protected to prevent the items from falling. They operate in a similar way to platform trolley, but their durability and load-bearing capacity mainly depends on the material of the cage.

2. Foldable Hand Truck

The folding trolley mainly adopts a folding method to reduce its volume for easy carrying and storage, so it is suitable for being placed in the car compartment. When we want to use it, we will reopen the folded part.

3. Hand pallet truck

The hand pallet truck is a kind of equipment for logistics handling, which has the function of moving goods. When a hand pallet truck is expecting to move the goods, it can insert the forks it carries into the pallet holes of the goods, and then the hydraulic system is driven by manpower to raise and lower the goods. The goods are pulled by manpower to complete the handling operation. It is the most efficient, easiest, and most common loading and unloading tool among the handling equipment. Pallet trucks can be divided into three types: hand pallet trucks, semi-electric pallet trucks, and electric pallet trucks.

4. Multiple leveled Hand trolley

Multiple leveled hand trolley is also a kind of platform trolley, but it has multi-layer pallets, so more goods can be placed. In the market, we often see two-layer hand trolleys and three-layer hand trolleys. This type of multiple leveled hand trolley is often widely used in the catering industry and retail industry. The replenishment work can be completed at one time.

5. No Handle Trolley (Platform trolley without handle)

It's just a platform trolley without a handle. Its tray has four wheels for stable movement. Because there is no handle for this trolley, it can carry a large range of cargo volume and is mainly suitable for handling large cargo, such as furniture and electrical appliances. But its disadvantage of no handle trolley is it does not have the function of ascending or descending, so when loading or unloading, it needs to be carried by an external force.

6. Upright Hand trolley

Compared with other platform trolleys, upright hand trolleys can only carry less and lighter goods. And it has two wheels to support and transport those goods. Its working principle is to tilt the handle backward, let the gravity all concentrated on the two wheels, until the weight on the wheels reaches a certain balance, then push forward the trolley. Upright hand trolleys are more suitable for households or companies that carry small amounts of goods.

7. Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is a kind of light transportation tool. The wheelbarrow is mainly a small vehicle propelled by manpower. It can walk on rugged roads, but cannot transport materials on the inclined ground. The wheelbarrow uses the principle of leverage to bring the resistance point of the load close to the wheel so that it can operate more efficiently. In addition, it also shares the load on the wheelbarrow and its operator. The wheelbarrow can easily transport heavy or large amounts of goods, so it is widely used in agriculture, construction sites, and gardens.

The hand trolley can easily carry and deliver the goods to the designated place. Choosing the right hand trolley according to our needs can help us greatly improve our work efficiency. For any questions and information about the hand trolley, you can contact MecHero at 011-7001 7687 or email us at

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