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Hand Saw & Powered Saw

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Saws are mainly used for wooden projects or metal works. Whether at home or engineering, it is one of the common tools used daily. Its function is to cut materials. The choice of saw depends on the project you want to perform. The saws used for projects that don’t understand are different.

Saws can be divided into two types which are hand saw and powered saw.

Hand saw

It is a non-powered saw, also known as a panel saw. Manual operation via hand-held option. Normally used to cut the wood into different shapes. High-grade tool steel for both saw blades and handles is made of wood or molded plastic.

1. Coping saw

It has a deep bow shape with a thin blade, and the tension is adjustable. The thin blade can cut irregular shapes or patterns, so this is a tool for cutting curved boards and other wood or plastic materials. The thin and narrow blade can make more precise and complex cutting, mainly made of steel alloy, suitable for trimming work, and both internal and external cutting.

2. Hack Saw/ Bow saw

It is composed of a saw blade seat, a handle, and a saw blade. Lightweight and versatile. It has a fine-toothed blade and a C-shaped frame. Its design is mostly used for cutting wood, metal, and plastic. When in use, it is more comfortable to hold, safe, and the folding action is consistent. At the same time, it can accommodate multiple saw blades, which is extremely convenient in replacement and use. This saw is the main tool for trimming or cutting metal, mostly for cutting pipes and tubing.

3. Rip Saw

It has sharp teeth and is mainly used to remove wood. When using it, it will like a bunch of chisels in line, therefore, they pass through the wood, and then each chisel runs along the line. When you cut wood along the grain, the chisel is great to use because it can take out what is being drilled in. There has vary of length.

4. Crosscut saw

Compared with other traditional hand saws, it has a thick blade, large and beveled teeth. Its tooth shaped to release the wood when cutting. They usually cut on a push-pull stroke. Its appearance is similar to rip saw. And the difference between rip saw and crosscut saw is crosscut saw usually cut across the grain. Crosscut saw is best for cutting rough surfaces and most commonly used to cut the wood.


Powered saw

A mechanical powered tool used to cut materials. The power source makes them cutting and trimming.

1. Chain saw

A linked chain with many ripping teeth that integrating a set of teeth along the moving chain. During operation, the chain is moving by rotating around the steel plate. This saw is usually used for tree work, such as logging. Its working principle is to rely on the lateral movement of the L-shaped blades on the saw chain to perform the cutting action. Chain saws are generally divided into motorized chain saws, non-motorized chain saws, and so on based on their function and driving method.

2. Band Saw

There are both stationary and portable. It is mainly a saw machine in which a circular saw blade surrounds two saw wheels and continuously rotates in the same direction when operation. The band saw has high efficiency and a small cutting path. It can be used to cut the curve into wood, tubes, and piping.

3. Circular Saw

It uses a toothed blade for cutting. Circular saw is a serrated tool used to cut steel. A metal circular saws can cut the steel easily by adopts unique material and a toothed blade. It can cuts metal faster and has a stronger chip handling ability. Mainly used for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and masonry, etc.

4. Jigsaw

The blade of the jigsaw is short and fine-toothed. Therefore, it can be used for cutting curves and non-straight lines. Besides, the jigsaw can also be used to cut metal. When cutting metal, the chip processing ability is stronger.

5. Miter saw

Miter saw is used for trims that require precise measurement and angle cutting. The miter saw can cut various angles because it can be tilted from left to right and can be rotated.

6. Reciprocating saw

A reciprocating saw is a tool for cutting with a reciprocating saw blade, which can be used to cut various materials, such as wood, tubing, or plastic. It can also be used for cutting under walls or wood joints. Compared with hand saws, it is easier to use and saves time and effort.

7. Scroll saw

Similar function with a jigsaw, both can be used for cutting the curved lines. But compared with a jigsaw, the scroll saw is designed to some work that is required more precise. Ideal use for complicated scroll work, curved lines, or shape.

8. Table saw

Its shape is bigger than a general circular saw. The blade protrudes from the top of the table for supporting the cutting material. It has a high-speed motor that is installed beneath the table. The cutting depth can be adjusted by lifting the blade away from the table. This type of saw is mainly used to cut wood.

9. Tile saw

Similar to a miter saw, it mainly uses a diamond-coated blade and a water cooling system to cut ceramic tiles. Tile saw can cut multiple tiles into the required shape or size quickly.

10. Track saw

A track saw is a powered saw to cut the wood material. It can be attached to a long gliding rail and runs on the rail. Because the position of the saw blade is very close to the edge of the track, so the track can ensure that the saw runs perfectly and straight along the length of the wood.

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