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Hammers | Types & Applications

Hammer Malaysia

Hammer is the most basic and essential tool when you are in the construction business or doing some DIY projects. This is the type of tool that you will rely on for almost everything, and so it is very important for you to choose the one that can serve you well and you are most comfortable using with your works for a long period of time. Hammers are not only used for hitting a target object, it can be used for many different purposes and applications. One of the main purposes is to drive the object like nails into other durable objects such as wood or metal base. Hammers also can be used for pulling the items out from a material base, and for any kind of shaping, driving, or breaking applications.

Several important parts of a hammer including the handle, head, face (the front of the head), neck (the part that hammer head connected to the handle), cheek, eye, and peen/claw. There are three types of hammer handle which are wooden handle, metal handle, and fiberglass handle. The wooden handle is the most affordable one but not as durable as the metal handle. The head also may loosen from the handle and require replacement. The metal handle is like steel or titanium. The cost of a metal handle is higher than the wooden handle. Most of the metal hammers are made in one piece so there is no need to replace the handle like wooden hammers. It normally will have rubber or leather wrap around the grip to absorb shock. The fiberglass handle is less expensive and light in weight than the metal handle. It is good for DIY projects at home and not suggested for professional builders to use as the fiberglass handle can’t withstand heavy duty.

Hammer Supplier Malaysia

The hammer heads are usually made of heat-treated steel, high carbon for high durability and strength. Some specialty hammer heads are made of brass, copper, or other materials. The process of heat treatment on hammer heads can help to prevent cracking or chipping caused by repeated blows and usage. There are two types of hammer face which are the smooth face and milled face. A smooth face is suitable for finished carpentry work as it won't leave any marking on the wood surface and can provide lighter hammering and movements. A milled face is also known as a waffle-head, which has a pattern milled on the hammer face to provide an extra gripping surface to sink the nails and safer to work. The bad thing is it will leave a pattern on the wood surface and not suitable for finishing works.

When using the hammer, it is important to take note and follow few safety tips to protect yourself and the object that you are hitting on it. It is suggested to wear goggles when breaking the concrete or driving nails as these objects may shatter. Remember not to use a side to strike with, always use the hammer head. Checking the hammer handle and head regularly as these may loosen or need some maintenance. To protect the object or delicate work from hammer blow marks, we can use scrap wood to absorb the impact. Most importantly, we need to choose the right hammer for the works as it can make the work easier and help to prevent damage to the hammer, objects, and ourselves.

There are many types of hammer available in the market, ranging from the basic type to a more specialized type, we need to spend time to figure out which one we need for our works. Hammers are made to target specific works like masonry, framing, electrical, carpentry, or demo work. Here we will introduce few common types of hammers and their application.

Club Hammer

Club Hammer Malaysia

Club hammer is also known as the lump hammer, it has a short and double-faced hammer head. It is a vital tool for a builder as it is suitable for masonry work such as driving chisels, driving masonry nails, and other light demolition works.

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer Malaysia

Sledge hammer has a long handle and a metal double-side, octagonal head that is designed for heavy blows and able to pound with great force. It is an excellent demolition tool that mainly used for heavier works such as smashing up masonry, concrete, stone. Suitable protective clothing and safety equipment must be equipped when using the sledge hammer.

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer Malaysia

Claw hammer is the most common type of hammer for general works. It has a claw on one side and a head on another side. The claw is used for pulling out and removing the nail from objects. It is the most widely used hammer for almost any situation. The common weight of a claw hammer is ranging from 16 ounces to 24 ounces.

Brick Hammer

Brick Hammer Malaysia

Brick hammer is also called masonry hammer that can perform the work as a traditional hammer and a simple chisel tool. One side of the hammer head is designed as a chisel that can be used for splitting the bricks or masonry materials.

Ball Peen Hammer

Ball Peen Hammer Malaysia

Ball peen hammer is sometimes called mechanics hammer or engineer hammer as it is widely used in the workshop. Instead of a claw, it has a round ball peen on one side of the hammer head. It is popular to be used for closing rivets, shaping metals, and rounding the edges of fasteners. Since the face of a round ball peen is harder than a claw hammer, it can perform the works without cracking.

Cross Peen Hammer

Cross Peen Hammer Malaysia

Cross peen hammer has a traditional hammer head on one side and a wedge-shaped head on another side. It is used when there are restrictions on the space. The design of the wedge head allows us to start panel pins and tracks without the risk of injuring our fingers and able to complete the work in a restricted space.

Bushing Hammer

Bushing Hammer Malaysia

Bushing hammer is designed like a meat tenderizer with an extended metal head. It is used to create a rough texture on the stone or concrete for aesthetic purposes and to increase the traction on the stone walkway.

Blocking Hammer

Blocking Hammer Malaysia

Blocking hammer has a cylindrical head on one side and a square, flat head on another side. It is good as a finish hammer of the metalwork to shape metal or aluminum on a block or anvil.

Rubber Mallet

Rubber Mallet Malaysia

It has a rubber head that allows for softer blows without damaging the surface. A rubber mallet can be used for woodworking, sheet metal, upholstery. It provides a gentle force that won't cause any marks on the surface.

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