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Grinder | Angle Grinder

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Angle grinders also called right angle grinders, side grinders, or disc grinders, are the most popular and common types. The angle grinder is a portable power tool that mainly uses the fiberglass reinforced plastic for cutting and polishing. It can be used for brushing, cutting, and grinding metal and masonry. Its wheels are at right angles to the handle shaft of the tool. This hand-held power tool is usually used for carpenters, bricklayers, and welders in manufacturing and construction work.

Electric angle grinders use a high-speed rotating the grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, wire wheels, etc. to grind the metal components or hard materials. We can use a variety of different grinding wheels and cutting wheels, making the grinder a useful and multi-function tool.

Different types of grinding wheels will be used to perform different tasks. The main functions of angle grinders can be divided into three types as follows:

1) Cleaning tools and parts

-The angle grinder is equipped with a wire wheel to quickly clean the rust, peeling paint, agglomerated cement, and dirt on the tool. Wire brushes are best used to remove paint or rust on wide flat areas and corners.

2) Cutting rod

- A metal cut-off wheel will be applied to the angle grinder. This kind of cut-off wheel can help us to cut the metal parts powerfully. When we want to perform cutting work, we need to align the grinder which mounted with a metal cut-off wheel at the parts correctly in order to achieve the expected cutting result


3) Cutting concrete or masonry

- Use diamond wheels to cut ceramics or masonry according to your marking outline. Angle grinders can be used to cut tiles instead of larger tile saws.

According to the shape of the angle grinder, we can mainly divide it into two types, namely compact angle grinder and large angle grinder. The compact angle grinder is characterized by its small size and ultra-light type. Some have a safety rebound switch configuration, which is very suitable for beginner operation. The other is a large-angle grinder, which is more functional and has a higher power, which is more suitable for some difficult grinding and cutting projects.

Other grinding machines such as:

1. Bench Grinder

The bench grinder is a kind of abrasive tool for mechanical processing, which can be used in many industries. This bench grinder is a fixed machine, usually fixed and bolted to the workbench. They have two rotating grinding wheels of different sizes, commonly used equipment mainly used for sharpening various blades and tools, and also used for grinding, deburring and cleaning of ordinary small parts. It is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, a motor or other power source. If a tool loses its cutting ability due to tool wear or damage during the machining process, we can use this grinding machine to sharpen the damaged tool in order to restore its cutting ability. Besides, we can also use wire brushes or polishing wheels to be interchangeable with grinding wheels to clean or polish works.

2. Belt Grinding Machine

Belt Grinding Machine uses fast-running abrasive belts as abrasive tools for grinding and polishing purposes. In addition, it can also be used for finishing surfaces, sharpening blades, removing burrs, or removing blanks. This can improve the dimensional accuracy and smoothness of the works.

In the process of belt grinding, the belt is coated with abrasive and then runs on the tool surface until the desired grinding result is obtained. Belt grinding machine is most often performed on metal works, although it also supports works made of other building materials.

3. Concrete Floor Grinder

The concrete floor grinder is used to grind concrete to perform the process of grinding, polishing the substrate, and leveling the concrete surface to provide a smooth surface. For large-scale commercial or residential work such as refurbishing the floors of commercial and industrial buildings, concrete floor grinder is the best choice for them.

The kind of grinder is mainly used as a surface preparation tool for removing aggressive coatings and polishing concrete. These abrasive tools can abrade concrete surfaces, wood or clean tiles, and grout. The size of the floor grinder is larger and similar to a vacuum machine. It uses a horizontally rotating disc for the grinding step to remove surface material.


Grinding machine can help us complete the work more effectively in industry works. According to the project size and type, the grinder we choose is also different. Want to know more about what type of grinder is suitable for your project? Then please don't hesitate to contact us immediately at 011-7001 7687, we can help you find a suitable grinder.

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