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Steel Grating Malaysia

Floor Grating is metal formed in grid patterns that can provide traction, allow water drainage with the opening. The grating is made of a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, aluminum, fiberglass, reinforced plastic, or galvanized steel. By choosing the correct material for the grating, you will need to consider the requirements of strength, flexibility, resistant level of abrasion and corrosion, etc. In addition, the grating is available in a variety of thicknesses, patterns, and dimensions to meet multiple applications and architectural needs. For example, you will need to consider how much traction required for the floor in the area, how is the water fluid to avoid water build-up, how much light must be passed through the grate, how big is the opening area of the grid required for water to flow, and so on. Most of the common patterns of the grating include square, diamond, and oval shape. Of course, we can custom made it with a specific shape, size, and material according to our requirements. There are two surfaces available for grating which are plain and serrated surfaces. Plain steel grating also called smooth surface grating which is made of plain steel bars. It has a uniform surface and is widely used in most of the application such as walkway for pedestrian, drainage cover, parking lot, and many other places. In contrast, the serrated grating is made of serrated steel bars which can provide an additional level of anti-slip to the floor and normally used in the area filled with water, oil that causes slipping, and good at preventing people from slipping down.

Serrated Grating Malaysia

Applications of Gratings

Because the steel grating is strong, durable, and requires the least maintenance, it is popular to be used in a wide range of places and applications such as staircase, drainage, barrier, treading, and many more. The grating is very common to be used in industrial and commercial facilities as floor grating which offers a strong slip resistance surface, increases worker safety with the effect of traction, preventing water buildup and so create a more efficient work environment. Grating is also often integrated into the design of ventilation system as it allows the flow of air in the overall building. Drainage grate is one of the popular applications of grates, it reduces the risk of flooring with more efficient draining results. It also helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in moisture environments. In addition to the application mentioned above, the grating can also act as handrail support, shading, and for decoration purpose.

Production process of Gratings

There are many different ways to produce grating in multiple shapes and patterns. Most popular production processes including welding, perforation, metal expansion, or molding. Welding is considered the most popular method to produce extremely rigid grating. By welding and fusing via heat on the metal pieces, it can create floor grates that suitable to be used as platforms, walkways, trench gates, or safety barriers. If your want to reduce the material waste during the whole manufacturing process, you may consider using the metal expansion method which uses a way of slitting and expanding the metal sheet to make it into the predetermined sizes and shapes. The method of molding is to layer the materials manually until the desired thickness has been reached, then put it into the mold until it cures. The molding process is suitable to be used for making plastic and FRP gratings. We can have an add-on process which is hot-dip galvanization to strengthen the material and protect it against corrosion and oxidation.

Grating Malaysia

Maintenance of the Grating

The cleaning of the grating is relatively simple and easy. It can be completed with the use of compressed air cans or brush to remove debris on the grating, or industrial cleaner when necessary. Regular cleaning is required especially when the floor grating is meant for slip resistance. The use of cleaner will mainly depend on the type of material, for example, we can use diluted muriatic acid to remove rust from the stainless steel grating.  

Here we will introduce a few types of grating which are most commonly used by us.

Heavy-duty steel grating is welded with pressure-locked bar and designed to handle heavy rolling and static loads. It is made of stainless steel or carbon steel which available in bare, painted, hot galvanizing, or electro-polished finishing. To be qualified as heavy duty grating, the thickness of the bearing bar is required to have at least 1/4’’ inches in order to provide strong support. A heavy-duty welded grating is strong, cost-efficient, easy to install, and less likely to deform over a long period of time, it is an ideal flooring product to be used in highways, mining, power generation, industrial plants, railroad yards, truck loading docks, and ramps.

Trench Grating Malaysia

Trench Grates, also known as the floor trough gates which possesses long and narrow grates as a drain gate that assists in fast evacuation of surface water. They can be found in the industrial facility, city sidewalk, public toilet, swimming pools, or even in your house which designed to drain rainwater. It allows people to walk across and provide an access to the underneath pipes systems.

Stair Treads Malaysia

Stair Treads, also called grating steps that are fabricated from the bar grating panel. Stair tread steel grating is widely applied in ladder located at the factory, park, school, or commercial building. Different types of front nosing available such as checker plate nosing, round hole plate nosing, no nosing, abrasive nosing, vertical stripped plate nosing. Nosing is welded at the edge of the grating bar to provide an increased level of slip resistance and protection to the stair treads. Stair tread steel grating also can be divided into straight and spiral shapes of stair tread in order to meet the design and requirements of the building.

FRP Grating Malaysia

Fiberglass grating or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Gratings (FRP) is an attractive alternative to metal grating for many applications due to its lighter weight, excellent strength to weight ratio, low maintenance cost, rust resistance, fire retardance, chemical resistance, non-conductive, non-sparking. It is primarily used for the platform, racks, machine guards, screening, trench covers, etc.

MecHero Malaysia supplies a variety of steel products such as steel grating, steel rod, steel pipes, steel plate, or other hardware tools in Malaysia. We offer steel products in a wide range of shapes, sizes, thickness for multiple applications. You can always contact us at +6011-7001 7687 or email us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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