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Get To Know More About Tube Bending Machine

In engineering, medical, and various industries, pipes are used to transport liquid, gas, or solid containers. Depending on the project, some pipes need to be bent. The pipe bending machine is mainly a kind of pipe bending, crimping, swaging, and other operations without welding, and uses the hot bending or cold bending methods to bend the pipe. The bending machine can be used to bend pipes made of metal, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and other alloys.

The pipe bending machine mainly applies pressure to the steel pipe to bend the steel pipe. When we want to bend the pipe, we must apply pressure to the handle of the bending machine so that the pipe can be bent to the desired degree of curvature. To accurately bend the pipe to an accurate angle, we must measure the position of the pipe and the distance around it. According to the diameter and thickness of the pipe, the selection of pipe bending machines is different. If a larger pipe bending machine is used, the greater the pressure required.

The more traditional way is to use a manual pipe bender. The disadvantage of the manual pipe bender is that the worker's work efficiency is low and the pipe cannot be bent to the same angle. In the current market, there is a new model of pipe bending machine available, which can accurately bend each pipe to the same angle and is suitable for mass production, thereby improving the work efficiency and output of workers.

Next, let's take a look at the types of pipe benders:

Press Bending

This is the most common and simple pipe bending machine. Its main form of work is to press the bending mold on the pipe. The pipe will be fixed at both ends in order to bend the pipe into the shape of a mold. However, this type of pressing method is likely to cause deformation problems because there is no supporting point inside the mold. Although the press bending machine can bend into different shapes according to the shape of the mold, it can only be used for a certain size of pipe. This type of pipe bending machine is suitable for manufacturing light industrial products such as electrical conduits. The advantages of press bending machines are low cost and easy operation. Its disadvantage is that the bending accuracy is low, it is prone to deformation and the production speed is slow.

Rotary Draw Bending

The rotary draw bending machine is the most popular bending machine in the market. Because the rotary draw bending machine mainly uses a constant centerline radius and a mold to perform bending work. This kind of bending machine can bend the pipe into a uniform curve more accurately. Its working principle is to place the pipe on the mold and carry out the stretching work by hydraulic pressure. When the mold is rotating, the pipe will be firmly fixed on the mold. The axial pressure of the mold can prevent the pipe from the problem of collapsing or thinning. Rotary draw bending machines can produce a beautiful bend, which is suitable for manufacturing handrails, handles, frames, and other products.

Roll Bending

Roll bending machines usually have three cylindrical rollers. Its working principle is very simple. It is mainly to put the pipe or metal plate into the roller, and then manually lower the roller in the middle and press it on the pipe. But when we apply pressure to rotate the lower two rollers, the back and forth rotational movement of the two rollers will put pressure on the pipe and form the desired shape. The angle of bending can be adjusted. This type of bending machine is suitable for producing round objects with a large radius because a small radius is prone to collapse.

Mandrel Bending

Mandrel bending is actually an auxiliary method to bend the pipe. Its purpose is to prevent the tube wall from becoming thin or collapsing when it is bent. The main function is to put the mandrel into the pipe to be bent and provide a supporting point to complete the bending and stretching works. Mandrels can be divided into the following categories: forming mandrels, plug mandrels, ball mandrels with cables, ball mandrels without cables, and sand. We can choose the right mandrel according to the bending requirements of the pipe or the finished product.

Bending Spring

The bending spring is also a tool that is inserted into the pipe so that it can play a supporting role during the bending work. The bending spring is flexible and strong. In order to facilitate the removal of the bending spring, we usually connect a flexible wire to the end of the bending spring. They are mainly suitable for PVC pipes or soft copper pipes because their diameters are small.


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