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Fire Protection And Safety Equipment

Fire-fighting equipment mainly refers to professional equipment used for fire prevention, fire fighting, and preventing fire accidents. There are many different types of firefighting equipment on the market, and each different safety equipment is used in different environments. These fire-fighting equipment also need to be inspected regularly to ensure that the equipment is in safe use. Below we list a few common fire-fighting equipment, let's learn about them together.

1. Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is one of the most common hand-held fire extinguishing tools. The fire extinguisher contains different chemical compositions. According to the different causes of fire, we need to choose different types of fire extinguishers for fire fighting. Fire extinguishers can be divided into the following types of fire extinguishers according to their chemical contents: foam, dry powder, water, carbon dioxide, etc. Among them, dry powder types of fire extinguishers can be used in a wide range of fire types, and the effect of extinguishing the fire is also very good, so it is suitable for us to place at home to deal with general fire hazards. Most fire extinguishers are hung on the wall and stored in public places or places where a fire may occur. When using a fire extinguisher, we need to be careful to avoid adverse effects or cause more serious danger. Fire extinguishers need to be checked regularly by professionals to ensure they can be used safely.

2. Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are mainly woven blankets made of fire-resistant glass fiber and other materials through processing. This kind of fire blanket can isolate flames and air, and achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire. Its appearance is light, easy to carry, and flexible. It can be used to cover those items that may catch fire at home or use a fire blanket to cover our body to escape the fire safely. If there is no damage to the fire blanket, normally it can be reused. Fire blankets are suitable to be used in shopping malls, automobiles, gas stations, homes, kitchens, construction industries, etc., as one of the fire fighting tools.

3. Fire Hose Reels

The fire hose reel is mainly composed of hoses, spray guns, valves, and other parts. It is a fixed fire extinguishing tool. The fire hose reel can hold 30 meters of hose. Usually, the fire hose reel will be installed inside a red steel box on the wall of the building. When a fire occurs, open the steel box, connect the water pipe, and open the valve. At this time, the water will be discharged to extinguish the fire. Since the fire hose reel uses water to extinguish fires, it is not suitable for electrical fires. Electrical fires should be extinguished with carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

4. Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are also a fire fighting tool that uses water to extinguish fires. When a fire occurs, water will be evenly sprayed from the fire sprinkler through the sensor, which can play a role in the fire within a certain range. Common fire sprinklers can be divided into four types: pendent sprinklers, upright sprinklers, concealed sprinklers, and sidewall sprinklers.

The most common one is the pendent sprinkler, which is mainly installed on the indoor ceiling. Water will be sprayed vertically from above to the ground to achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire. The second type is an upright sprinkler, which is installed on the water supply pipe and sprays water out in the form of a parabola. This type of fire sprinkler is not suitable for installation in a place where many people move, because it will accidentally collide. The third type is a concealed sprinkler. Concealed sprinklers are embedded-installed sprinklers, mostly used in hotels. In the event of a fire, the easily susceptible metal cover will drop down, after that the glass ball inside will rupture and spray water to extinguish the fire. The last common type of fire sprinkler is the sidewall sprinkler, which is mainly installed against the wall and is suitable for installation in places with more complicated space piping.

5. Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms mainly use ionized sensors to detect the concentration of smoke in space. This type of smoke alarm has excellent sensor technology, so it is widely used in fire alarm systems. Smoke alarms should be installed in places where there is no smoke under normal circumstances, such as offices, teaching buildings, studies, hotels, etc. It is not suitable for installation in places with a lot of smoke, steam, dust, and so on. The working principle of the smoke alarm is that when smoke particles enter the infrared emission tube, the emitted infrared light will be scattered, and the scattered infrared light will be proportional to the concentration of the smoke. At this time, the circuit will change due to the intensity of the infrared light received by the photosensitive tube, and the alarm will send out an alarm signal and start the buzzer to alarm.

The above fire protection equipment is indispensable whether it is in a fire or to prevent a fire situation. If you want to buy any fire protection equipment, you can contact our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or email to

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