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Different Types Of Sander For Your Works

Sander Supplier Malaysia

A sander is a tool used for smoothing the surface and applying a fine finish by abrasion with sandpaper. Most of the sander are using sandpaper or an equivalent to perform the works. The count starts at 60 grit and a higher grit can provide a finer grain with a smoother surface. The sandpaper is attached to the sander and it has a mechanism to move it rapidly within the housing. This tool is usually powered electrically for a faster speed and ease of use. Some woodworkers may use a hand-sander for small or intricate works as a powered sander may damage or neglect sharp edges.

There is a wide range of sanders available for different job applications. Here we will introduce four main types of sander that widely used in industries and each type has its specialized function and specification. However, some of their functions are overlap and able to do similar wood finishing work.

Belt Sanders

Belt Sanders Malaysia

A belt sander is a rough tool in woodworking as it can remove a large amount of the material in a short period of time. It can be either hand-held or tabletop varieties. Belt sand is suitable for sanding a large work area or performing rough sanding for quick finishing. It has a full looped sanding belt that works on a continuous loop principle. The sanding belt is weld over the two drums which rotate when the motor is powered and then turn the belt into motion. Most models have a tracking adjustment knob to keep the belt in center position while performing the work. Different sizes of sanding belts are available to fit your requirements. It is suggested to use a bigger belt for a large surface but the handling of it may not as easy as using a smaller belt. A mid-size belt of 3’’ x 21’’ and a large size belt of 4’’ x 24’’ are popular for general work. Common applications of a belt sander are furniture making and large-scale woodworking works.

Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sanders Malaysia

Orbital sander, also known as a quarter-sheet sander, sheet sander, circular sander, is commonly used when the belt sander is too aggressive for the work. An orbital sander can be operated with one hand and suitable for small and finishing projects such as smoothening sharp edges, clearing putty, creating an ultra-smooth surface, etc. It has a pad that vibrates in a small circle and allows the operator to sand in multiple directions. In contrast to the belt sander, the orbital sander uses an abrasive sheet that can be cut by hand to perform the work. A quarter (1/4) of a standard 9 x 11-inch sandpaper is ideal for handling smaller areas and a half of the sheet can cover more areas.

Random Orbital Sanders

Random Orbital Sanders Malaysia

A random orbital sander is a popular choice for carpenters as it is versatile. it can smooth the roughest surface but will not as savage as a belt sander. It also can polish a wood piece into a fine surface as a finishing sander. You may find it harder to control but it is good for removing wood quickly and achieving a high-end finishing surface. There are few differences between a random orbital sander and a regular orbital sander that we should know. The random orbital sander vibrates in a non-predictable or random motion while the regular version works in a predictable orbiting pattern. A random orbital sander requires round abrasive sandpaper and a regular orbital sander use half or quarter pieces from standard size sandpaper. In addition, the beauty of a random orbital sander provides a more refined finish and leaves no scratch marks behind unlike the regular orbital sander.

Disc Sanders

Disc Sanders Malaysia

The disc sander is available in several models and configurations that offer a wide range of applications. It is available in both hand-held and mounted versions. The mounted sander uses a wheel instead of a disc, providing a larger surface area and can be used on metal, plastic, and wood. The wheel of the stationary sander is turned by an electric motor or compressed air. It also has an adjustable surface that can set the workpiece at the required angle. Disc sander can be used for rough or fine sanding depending on the level of grit used.

Oscillating Spindle Sander

Oscillating Spindle Sander Malaysia

The oscillating spindle sander is used for sanding curves and contours that standard sanders can not do. It has either a benchtop or a floor-standing model. The oscillating spindle sander has a sanding drum that protrudes from the tabletop, by moving the sanding drum up and down to allow the wood surface contacts with the entire drum and then create a smoother edge on the workpiece. The drum is available in various sizes ranging from 4 inches tall and 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter. We choose the size of the drum based on the radius of the curve we are sanding.

Detail Sander

Detail Sander Malaysia

Detail sander, also known as corner sander, triangle sander, or mouse sander, is a hand-held sander with a small vibrating head. it is lightweight, portable, and typically has a triangular sanding pad that can be used in a small space or get into tight spots where other sanders can not reach. As per name suggests, it performs detailed work and produces a super-smooth result. Details sander is able to sand the odd shape effectively and very useful for crafts or other light duties.

Drywall Sander

Drywall Sander Malaysia

A drywall sander is a special tool that actually is a disc sander on a long pole. It is mainly used for removing plaster, paint layers, loose plaster, paper, or adhesive residue on the wall. Due to its extendable handle, it also works well for sanding ceilings, floorings, or other places that would normally require a ladder to reach. Most models of the drywall sander are equipped with a vacuum to collect dust particles safely while sanding the wall.

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