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Common Types of Traffic Barricades for Road Construction

Traffic barricades are usually obstacles used to block road traffic and are often used for road maintenance or temporary construction of fence barriers. Barricades are indispensable around construction projects or in high-risk areas or roads. Especially on highways and sharply-turned roads, we need to place barricades to remind the driver to pay attention and be careful in those areas. Traffic barriers can not only improve people's alertness but also buffer the impact after a collision, preventing the vehicle from falling into further danger or accident.

We will often see the barricades placed around the construction site. When a project is ongoing, we need to ensure that the nearby traffic is controlled and within the prescribed safety range. On top of that, the placement of barricades can also ensure the safety of employees at work, so as to prevent some vehicles from accidentally injuring workers just because they did not notice the workers during construction. At the same time, barricades can also make driving vehicles notice that there is construction in front of them, increasing their vigilance, and not approaching dangerous construction areas. Thus, the risk and occurrence of accidents will be effectively reduced.

Barricades will be mainly used in the following places to effectively control traffic order and site safety:

1. On the highway:

Roads often need to be repaired and maintained, especially on highways with more vehicles. When there are road construction works in progress, we will use barricades to remind the driver.

2. Construction site:

Construction works are dangerous works, so we need to place barricades to ensure safety around the construction site.

3. Large-scale activities

Some large-scale events, such as demonstrations, parades, marathons, etc., involve activities that require road closures. We need to use barricades to remind the public and to prohibit others from unintentionally breaking into the areas of the activity.

4. Around the school

There will also be some barricades around the school to restrict the entry and exit of vehicles. And maintain good traffic order during school time periods.

5. Police roadblock

We can often see police raids on the road, and here we also need to place barricades. Because of these temporary additions activities, the public needs to be reminded to pay attention to the road section ahead.

Types of barricades

Traffic cone

The traffic cone is a cone-shaped sign made of polyethylene plastic. It has a reflective tape that allows the driver to find it from a distance. It is mainly used for temporary road signs and signs of works in progress. In order to remind people and ensure the safety of workers at work. Traffic cones are lighter in weight, easy to carry, and can be stacked for easy storage. Because it is made of polyethylene, it can withstand strong sunlight and harsh weather for a long time. Traffic cones have a wide range of uses. Not only can they be used in a construction site environment, but we can also place traffic cones on wet floors or outside closed places to remind the public. The traffic cones have different shapes, sizes, and colors, we can choose the appropriate traffic cones according to the place of use and the specific situation.

Jersey Water Barriers

Jersey Water Barriers are traffic barriers made of plastic, filled with water or sand. Jersey Water Barriers are available in orange and white colors. Jersey Water Barriers are very light and easy to set up and disassemble. Jersey water Barriers are mostly used for construction workers, road maintenance, and provide safety protection between pedestrians and vehicles. We can also find concrete ones on the market. But unlike concrete, Jersey Water Barriers are easier to transport, store, and are safer for drivers.

A-Frame Barricades

A-Frame Barricades are mainly composed of a horizontal plate in the middle and two A-shaped frames on the side. This structure is lightweight and can provide support to maintain balance. It is mainly used in areas with low traffic, such as school areas and temporary crowd control areas. The horizontal board in the middle will have yellow-black or red-white colors to attract people's attention.

Traffic Flexible Bollard

Traffic flexible bollards and traffic cones are made of similar materials, and the difference between them is the shape. The shape of the traffic flexible bollard is cylindrical. It is very suitable for the delimitation of residential areas, parking lots, workplaces, or warehouses. Traffic flexible bollard is a flexible bollard. Its characteristic is that it can bounce back to its original shape after an impact, thereby reducing the damage to the vehicle. This type of bollard is directly bolted to the ground. The traffic flexible bollard has bright colors and reflective tape. In an environment with sufficient lighting, the driver can clearly see the traffic flexible bollard.

Plastic Expandable Barricade

Plastic Expandable Barricade is a foldable plastic barrier. Its design is light, easy to carry, and can be folded to save storage space. Its usual color is black and yellow. Plastic expandable barricades are designed to restrict access to danger which are mostly used on large-scale occasions to isolate people or in some maintenance places such as elevator maintenance, exhibition centers, etc.


The above describes the barricades we often see, and the barricade plays a role of protection and reminder. It allows us to pay attention to nearby hazards in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Through this article, I hope you can better understand the importance and types of barricades. If you have any questions about the barricades, you can contact our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or email to

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