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Common Types of Measuring Tools for Metal Works

Measuring Tools Malaysia (2)

Measuring tools is an important helper in the engineering workshop. It is a device that used to measure a physical item in a standard quantity. In terms of physical science and engineering, measurement is an activity to obtain and compare the physical quantities of objects. Measurement is the fundamental of the sciences to construction, engineering, and other technical industries. We have established standard measurement in different units and types of devices available for multiple measurement events taken place in our daily life and engineering field. All measuring tools are subjected to certain degrees of error and uncertainty. The types of measuring tools are ranging from the simple device such as rulers, vernier caliper, micrometer to highly sophisticated systems that designed to measure the quantity beyond the capabilities of senses such as radio waves. Our topic here will focus on the most common types of measuring tools that are used in the engineering workshop in Malaysia.

Available Types of Measuring Tools

Vernier Caliper Malaysia

1. Vernier Caliper is one of the most popular and widely used linear measurement tools for collecting external, internal, and depth dimensions. It can provide more accurate measurements than using regular rulers. It consists of two types of scale and has the least count of 0.02mm. The main scale is fixed in place while the Vernier scale is a movable scale that can open and close the jaws to take the measurement. The main scale remarks the number in centimeters or inches and the vernier scale will have a label to indicate what it represents. Vernier Calipers can perform two types of measurement which are through the external jaw and another is internal jaw. The external jaw is larger which can tighten the object to measure its external dimensions. The internal jaw is smaller which can fit into an opening, then being pushed outward to measure the internal dimensions. When the jaw is in the correct position of the target object, we can lock the screw to fix the position and read the measurement.

Micrometer Malaysia

2. Micrometer adheres to Abbe’s principle which allows us to make extraordinarily precise measurements. It is designed to measure small machinery parts or fittings such as pipes, valves, tools, etc. This measuring tool is normally used when a very precise measurement is needed in the workshop. There are many types of micrometers available in Malaysia such as outside micrometer (External micrometer), inside micrometer (Internal micrometer), tube micrometer, depth micrometer, and bore micrometer. The scale and measurement position are collinear for obtaining a high measurement accuracy. The measurement range of the micrometer is 25mm. Since micrometer has a limited measurement span, they usually come in packages of varying sizes to fit our requirements. When taking the measurement with the outside micrometer, place the object between the spindle and anvil, to lock the object between the two surfaces by turning the thimble, then turning the ratchet stop until it slips, we can find the measurement value of the object.

Bevel Protractor Malaysia

3. Bevel Protractor is a circular or semicircular measuring tool used for measuring the circle or angle. The unit of measurement is normally in degrees. The main scale which is also known as the ‘primary scale’ of the protractor, is to measure the angle in degree in usual. It can read 5 arcminutes and measure the angle from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. Bevel protractor also consists of two swinging arms which help to measure the angles. Sometimes the Vernier scales is attached to the bevel protractor to provide higher accuracy in measuring. Bevel Protractor has a wide application in the mechanical, construction, or architectural field in Malaysia. It can be used for checking the inside beveled face of a ground surface and measure acute angles.

Engineers Square Malaysia

4. Engineers Square is also known as Machinist square. It is a measuring tool commonly used in metalworking and woodworking for marking straight lines and measuring angles. An engineer's square consists of a steel blade inserted or welded into a thicker body that is known as ‘stock’ to create an angle of 90 degrees. The right angle at exactly 90 degrees allows us to check the angle of the workpiece and make sure it is correct and in line. It acts as a square and ruler on the metalworking. There are a variety of sizes available for the engineers square and we should choose it based on the size of the workpiece that we will be using the engineers square. Engineers square is commonly made of hardened or tool steel to ensure the measuring tool is durable and remains accurate measurement over time.

Vernier Height Gauge Malaysia

5. Vernier Height Gauge is used to measure the heights of engineering objects with high accuracy. It consists of a vernier caliper, main scale with graduation, measuring jaw, base block, and other attachments for height measurement. There is a pointer in place of measuring jaw to act as a scriber for marking out the workpiece. Generally, all parts of the height gauges are made of quality steel or stainless steel. It has the least count of 0.02mm. Vernier height gauge is only suitable for measuring small objects and the accuracy is limited by the Vernier scale.

Vernier Depth Gauge Malaysia

6. Vernier Depth gauge is used for measuring the depth of holes, recess, bored cavity, or distance from a surface to a projection. The surface as a reference plane against which the dept measurement is taken place by the measuring tool. There are two types of Vernier depth gauge available which are analog type and digital type. Analog type depth gauge consists of a mechanical dial and needle indicator to display the depth measurement on the dial face. Digital type depth gauge uses a digital display to indicate the depth measurement directly with a number of digits. The least count of the digital type dept gauge is 0.01mm while the least count of the analog vernier depth gauge is 0.02mm. When taking the measurement with Vernier depth gauges, the vernier scale is movable on the main scale.

Radius Gauge Malaysia

7. Radius Gauge is also referred to as fillet gauge which is used to measure the radius of the object. The gauge will be placed against the edge of the object to be checked. To check whether the edge and gauge blade are perfectly matched, we will need to examine with a bright light behind them. If there is any light leakage/gap between the gauge blade and edge meanings a mismatch of them and requires further corrections. Every blade has a different radius and a set of radius gauges will have both concave and convex sections which allow for applying in multiple positions. The material of the radius gauge is stainless steel.

Gauge Blocks Malaysia

8. Gauge Blocks are also known as gage blocks, are blocks of metal or ceramic manufactured in precise dimensions that can be used individually or in combination as a standard to the measurement or calibration of the manufactured part or tools. Gauge blocks are available in sets of 9 to more than 90 blocks. The more blocks available in a set allow us to have more combinations to obtain longer lengths in smaller increments. When in use, the blocks are to be stacked together to make up a desired length/height. The blocks are joined by a process called wringing which makes them cling together.

Measuring tools are important for metalworking and other construction applications in determining the dimensions of any object. It helps us to calculate correctly and enhance the quality of the works. We should understand the functions of each measuring tools and always use the right tools for the jobs. MecHero Malaysia supplies different types of measuring tools and equipment for industrial projects. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about the measuring tools. We also supply a wide range of steel material, general hardware, or mechanical components in Malaysia. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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