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Common Types of Levels For Your Construction Projects

Level Tools Malaysia

In order to get the work done, a construction contractor must have several tools to complete their works. The level is one of the most important tools which helps the contractor to make sure every element is level, true and plumb. The level is used to establish true horizontal and vertical. The key element of the traditional level includes the plastic tube or sealed glass which contains chloroform, alcohol, or other clear liquid. The tube/vial is nearly filled and leaves an air bubble, it will have two parallel lines drawn at the center. When the frame of the level tool is precisely level, the air bubble will be located at the center of the tube and fall within the two parallel lines. There are many types of levels available and each is designed for specific purposes or applications. Understanding the function of each level will allow us to choose the right level for the project. With the right level on hand, it will help us to complete the works faster. Since the level is a precision tool, we must always keep it in the protective case and never drop it as the impact may affect the accuracy of the tool.

Few Common Types of Level Available in Malaysia

Carpenter’s Level

Carpenter’s Level Malaysia

The carpenter’s level is also known as spirit level which is the most familiar and practical tool that we usually work with. It is available in multiple sizes ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches. A two-foot level (24 inches) will be enough for common projects or carpentry works. It usually consists of one or more bubble tubes in a wooden body. The wooden body is usually made of handsome woods such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony which are very stable. The carpenter’s level can be used to check the level or plum on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. A two-foot level is about 3 inches in height and 1-inch in depth. Other models of a carpenter’s level may include electronic features that can calculate the degree of angles on a sloped surface and display the reading accordingly.

Torpedo Level

Torpedo Level Malaysia

Torpedo level, also known as a boat-shaped level or canoe level, is the best choice of level for using in cramped or tight quarters where there is no enough space for a longer level. This 6 to 12 inches level is a handy tool that allows us to work in a small space. It can be used to measure at both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Most of the torpedo level is rectangular with tapered edges and the body of the level consists of two or three tubes. Some models of torpedo level will have magnets located at the top and bottom edge which allow hands-free reading. Other enhanced models may have a digital display to see the exact reading or have a laser beam to extend the line of a lever.

Line Level

Line Level Malaysia

Line level, also known as string level, is used to check the lever over a distance. In order to measure accurately the distance and height, the line level is generally attached to a string stretched between the two points. When the string is pulled taut, it can check the level over a long distance between the two points itself without the necessity of taking multiple measurements across the distance. Line level is a handy tool for general foundation and rough carpentry works, it is normally used when installing a patio, suspended ceiling, floor, or lining up concrete. It is also suitable to be used somewhere there is no flat surface available for the measurement. Note that line level is not an ideal level when a high precision measurement is required because even the tightest strings will sag perceptibly and result in misleading reading.

Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob Malaysia

Plumb Bob is used to measuring the true vertical plumb. It is a small, cylindrical, and pointed weight item suspended from a string. The string is fixed at the point to be plumbed from the top, bob will swing freely and stop to point out precisely at the bottom where the string is fixed above. Plumb bob is common to be used in building framing and construction such as measuring the vertical depth of concrete holes or concrete deck footings.

Post Level

Post Level Malaysia

Post level is the best choice when you are building a deck or porch as it can quickly erect straight posts and align ceiling joists. The post level is L-shaped, it forms a ninety-degree angle, and made of plastic. It typically has three bubble vials located on the spine and one on each wing. It allows us to level in two directions. Post level usually comes with a magnet or rubber band to fix it to the post where require leveling.

Laser Level

Laser level also called laser chalk lines. Laser level shoots a horizontal laser in one direction which allows us to create reference lines on any surface such as wall or floor. The laser level is popular to be used for house owners when doing DIY projects such as hanging pictures or tiling works. Most of the laser levels can be mounted on the surface or to a tripod for ease of measurement. The latest model of electronic laser level also including preset angles which allow the extent to rotate toward the level. There are three common types of laser levels which are Laser Line Levels, Rotary Laser Level, and Dot Laser Levels.

Laser Level Malaysia

A level is an important tool that helps contractors to complete daily building works, from the small DIY projects, carpentry work to the construction of a building. There are many types of levels available for different types of applications and measurement requirements. We have to choose the right level based on our project requirements and the required level of accuracy. At MecHero Malaysia, we offer levels in a wide range of sizes and other tools to meet the requirements. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about the construction and mechanical tools. As a steel and hardware online supplier in Malaysia, we also supply a wide range of steel material, general hardware, or mechanical components. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

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