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Chequered Plate | Diamond Plate

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Chequered Plate Malaysia

Chequered plate, also known as diamond plate and tread plate, it has concave and convex patterns designed on the surface, but the pattern is only available on the upper surface of the steel plate, the other side will be a flat surface. The purpose of adding this texture on the surface of the steel plate is to reduce the risk of slipping. It is not only non-slip resistance, but also provides a beautiful appearance, enhanced performance with a self-draining surface, wearability, superior impact, and load resistance. It is widely used in our day-to-day life such as stairs, walkways, shipbuilding, and ramps in commercial, industrial, and public places.

The chequered plate is manufactured in two ways. The first method is using two giant rollers, one is a smooth and flat surface, the other is in a stamped pattern like a diamond shape. By rolling and putting pressure on the metal plate, these rolls embossed a pattern on one side and the other side remains the same. Another manufacturing method is using the electronic thermal machine that flash heats the metal and makes it molten before cooling it in the desired shape. For steel plates, hot rolling is normally used. The thickness of the checkered steel plate is generally ranging from 1.5mm to 16mm and the width is set below 1600mm. We normally use a thickness of 2mm to 8mm with a width of 1250 mm and 1500mm for general application in the market. The chequered plate is usually made of steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Each of them has its own special features when choosing the type of chequered plate to be used for your project, it mainly depends on the application and your preference.

Aluminum Checkered Plate Tread Malaysia

The aluminium chequered plate gives us a fashion and flashy looking especially with a polished surface. It does not only provide an excellent corrosion resistance to prevent itself from rusting, it also the lightest among these three types of materials. We can install it with ease and reduce related installation costs associated with it. On the other side, steel and stainless steel chequered plates can handle a heavier load than aluminum chequered plates, it also suitable to be used in high corrosive and high-temperature environments. For these reasons, steel chequered plates are widely used in heavy traffic areas or the industrial purposes for heavy-duty used due to its stronger performance in chemical and physical characteristics.

There are four types of pattern shapes of the checkered steel plate available such as diamond, lentils, oblate, and round beans shapes. Lentils are the most common shape to be widely used in the current market.

Chequered Plate Stairs Malaysia

Application of Chequered Plate:

Chequered plate not only can be installed on those places where slip and fall easily happen, but it can also be used for protecting the bottom of the door, wall corner, trucks bed rails, and other places where dents and scratches often occurred.

1. Aluminum Tread Plates - This type of non-slip stair treads has a rigid surface, able to handle heavy traffic and widely used in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Its machinability makes it a popular choice for DIY truck beds, trailer floor, companionway ladders, vehicles driveway. It gives a silvery and flashy appearance which adds a fashion look to the building, especially when you install it in the cafe or restaurant with industrial style design.

2. Chequered Plate Wall Corner- This kind of product is durable, economical, and purposely made for protecting the wall corner from damages, in order to avoid dramatic repair expenses. It often to be found in the kitchen, hospital, airport, restaurant, garage, or building that having heavy traffic daily.

Door Kick Chequered Plate Malaysia

3. Chequered plated as door kick plate- The metal sheet is installed at the lower part of a door to protect it from damage caused by the people when kicking the door with feet because their hands are full of goodies. It normally applies to restaurant, kitchen, hospital, workshop, or other places with a lot of people constantly accessing the door. The aluminum sheet is ideal to be used in a place that requires hight hygiene levels as it is easy to maintain with corrosion-resistant properties. In general, stains on the chequered plate can be easily removed by a mild detergent with a soft cloth.

Besides, chequered plate can be used as decoration or architectural elements while providing great protection to the wall. For instance, aluminum sheet installs in a gym room for weight lifting exercise to prevent the wall against any damage caused by heavyweights.

Chequer Plate Gym Malaysia

Our MecHero supplies different types and patterns of the chequered plate that able to meet your requirements. If you have any questions, please call our experts at 011-7001 7687. We look forward to working with you to help you solve any problems with the chequered plated or other related steel products.

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