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Chain Hoist

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What is Chain hoist?

The chain block can also be called as chain hoist, which is a kind of light and small lifting equipment. Mainly used to use chains to raise or lower heavy objects. Its load-bearing capacity is very strong, which can effectively improve work efficiency and save the problem and time of lifting heavy objects. Usually used in various industrial areas such as buildings and warehouses. The chain hoist can be operated by electricity or manually.

How does the chain hoist work?

The chain hoist is composed of two wheels, a lifting chain, a bracelet and a grappling hook. The chain hoist needs to be connected to the cargo by a grappling hook in order to secure the cargo. When we pull the chain, the chain will hold the wheel tightly, causing the wheel to start turning. A loop is formed inside the mechanical device, thereby generating tension, so we can easily lift the cargo hung on the hook.

What are the main uses of chain hoist?

It has the ability to lift and lower, and the chain hoist can be used in a variety of different situations and working environments. The most common use of this tool is the car repair industry. He can assist in installing or removing car engines. In addition, the chain hoist is also suitable for use in the construction industry, which can lift goods to a higher level. And it is very labor-saving and efficient, only one person can easily complete the work.

Its main characteristics are its reliable performance, wide range of uses and easy operation. Chain hoists have many different capacities, making them suitable for various operations.

Other types of chain hoist:

There are many types of chain hoists in the market. In addition to the commonly used chain block, we can also find the lever hoist and pneumatic chain hoist in the market.

Lever hoist is usually used for lightweight and short lifts. Lever hoist is one of the manual lifting equipment. Can be used to raise or lower in any direction, including the horizontal direction. It does not need a hand chain to move the goods, but uses a lever or its handle instead of a hand wheel to move the goods. The standard lifting height is 1.5 meters.

Pneumatic chain hoist as known as Air Chain Hoist. The main function of air hoist is to use air pressure to drive and lift goods. It is usually used in heavy duty industries such as petroleum, chemical and shipbuilding. Pneumatic hoist is an ideal explosion-proof lifting equipment.


Electric chain hoist

As mentioned above, the chain block can be divided into manual type and electric type. Now we will explain the characteristics of the electric chain hoist.

Electric chain hoist is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission mechanism, a sprocket and a brake, which can ensure that the goods can be fixed and safely lifted during lifting. In order to lift the goods, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, so that it will start to operate to lift the goods. Compared with the manual hoist, the electric hoist greatly eliminates the problem and time of carrying heavy objects, and can ensure the stability of the heavy objects as they rise.

In terms of work, it mainly assists us in lifting heavy objects, maintenance industry, loading and unloading work, and lifting goods. In addition, it can also be used to lift heavy objects on suspended I-beams, curved rails, jib crane rails and fixed lifting points. It can also be used to lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair large machines. Usually used in large-scale industries such as warehouses, logistics, docks, and construction. The operator uses buttons to operate the electric hoist on the ground, and also uses a remote control mode.


Above we explained the most commonly encountered types of chain hoist. In addition to the above types, there are actually many types of chain hoist, such as wire rope hoist, flame proof hoist, hoist trolley, and so on. If you want to know more about chain hoist or want to share the experience of using chain hoist with us, please contact our customer service at +6011 7001 7687.

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