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Black Steel Pipe & Galvanized Steel Pipe

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Steel Pipe Malaysia

Steel Pipes have been widely used in industry for thousands of years and can be found on automobiles, heating, water, refrigeration system, and more. It can be strong and lightweight.

Black Steel Pipes

Black steel pipes are non-galvanized and have a dark-coated iron oxide coating formed on its surface during the manufacturing process, this is the reason why we named them ‘Black Pipe’. The coating of iron oxide on the black metal pipe can eventually improve its level of corrosion resistance over bare metal. Black iron pipes are made of low-grade mild steel which also provides better corrosion resistance than traditional cast-iron pipes.

The main purpose of developing a black steel pipe is to be used for the gas lines to carry natural gas into the residential and commercial buildings for the sewage system with high pressure of air and steam. We choose black pipe for carrying natural gas is because they are made in a long and continuous tube, it is also non-corrosive, lightweight and can be installed and joined easily with welding, heat fusion other mechanical fittings such as coupling. Since it is made of mild steel, we can weld it using any welding method available for steel. There are several standards available for reference but those are made to carry natural gas and normally under 60PSI.

Black Pipe Malaysia

In addition, black pipes can also be used in the following several places:

1) Oil Field Industry, for piping large volume of oil

2) Construction industry, for protecting electrical wiring

3) For the fire sprinkler system as the black pipe has strong fire resistance than the galvanized pipe.

4) Hot water circulation purpose in the boiler system

To be noted that black pipes are not using for delivering portable water/drinking water.

In comparing with galvanized steel pipes, black steel pipes do not have a zinc coating, they will be easy to be corroded and not suitable for delivering water. Their price is relatively cheaper and overall performance is less durable than galvanized pipe. They suitable to be used in those places do not require the pipe to have a galvanized surface. These two types of pipes are commonly used in conjunction to carry water and gas to support the operation of water heaters, gloves, and other devices.

Black Pipe For Fire System Malaysia

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel pipe, also known as ‘Galvanized iron pipe’, has a zinc coating for the purpose of creating a strong resistance to corrosion. It has all the advantages of a steel pipe but at a slightly higher price. Galvanized steel pipe is commonly used for water supply pipe and suitable to be installed for outdoor applications which exposed to severe weather. The zinc coating also protects the pipe against damage from indoor humidity. Another benefit of using this kind of pipe is the availability of a wider diameter of the pipe since it allows more water to pass through.

Galvanized Steel Pipe Malaysia

Prior to the 1960s, we normally use a galvanized steel pipe for indoor plumbing. Although there are benefits of using it as a water pipe, the zinc coating will react to the minerals in the water and create plaque build up inside of the pipe over a period of time. The flaking will impede the water flow, decrease the water pressure for your home, these may cause leaking and bursting to the pipe, and result in a severe case. The standard lifespan of galvanized steel is around 25 to 40 years, it will fail faster if there is hard water. Unfortunately, we may not be able to notice the leaking behind the wall and floor until they have already caused significant damages. As early as the 1960s, people find other options to replace galvanized steel pipes such as copper or plastic pipes.

The schedule of the pipe represents the thickness of the layer inside the pipe, the more number in the schedule means more thickness of the pipe. The thicker of the pipe, the stronger it is, and the longer it can last. Although Galvanized steel pipe has its own weaknesses and decrease the demand of it in recent year, the three (3’’) inches galvanized pipe with schedule 40 is thicker and can be used safely in the commercial and residential buildings.

Galvanized Steel Pipe Supplier Malaysia

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