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Applications for Shearing Machine in Mechanical Industry

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The shearing machine is mechanical equipment used to cut metal. It mainly cuts the plate by reciprocating two metal blades like scissors. The cutting process of the shearing machine mainly divides the material into two halves by applying pressure on the material. Shearing machines are widely used in construction, aviation, chemical, decoration, electrical industries, and so on. We can carry out cutting work according to the required size. The shearing machine can work stably, ensuring that the shearing surface of the sheet remains straight and reducing the problem of distortion. Usually, the upper blade of the shearing machine will move vertically, while the lower blade is fixed on the knife holder. In addition, the shearing machine is also equipped with a pressing cylinder, which is mainly used to compress the sheet material to prevent the sheet material from moving during cutting.

The most common is the desktop shearing machine, which has a worktable on which the tools to be cut can be placed and fixed. It can cut metal plates more efficiently and faster. Desktop shears need to be installed on a stable and safe surface. The purpose of shearing is to cut the plate into smaller sizes, which can be used for parallel cutting or oblique cutting. The size, material, and thickness of metal plates that can be cut by different types of shears are also different. In addition, the shearing machine has different operation modes, such as hydraulic, electric, manual, or pneumatic operation.

The advantage of the shearing machine is that it can cut a large number of metal sheets quickly in a short time and has a very smooth cut. In addition, it can also be processed according to metal plates of different sizes and materials. But this type of machine is not used to produce small quantities of products, and it cannot cut harder metal plates.

Types of Shears

Hydraulic shears

Hydraulic shears are mainly powered by hydraulic cylinders to cut sheet metal. The working principle is that the pump is driven by the motor to generate electricity, and the pump will press the oil into the cylinder to press against the piston. Hydraulic shears can cut metal plates very quickly and accurately which are suitable for cutting large amounts of metal. When using hydraulic shears for cutting work, the metal plate needs to be put into the machine and then fixed with a clamp so that the metal plate will not shift during cutting. The advantage of hydraulic shears is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Mechanical shears

The mechanical shearing machine is an all-steel welded structure. It is mainly driven by a resistance key type clutch structure and an open gear and is operated by a footswitch or a manual switch. The mechanical shearing machine has a simple structure and easy operation. This machine is widely used in the automobile maintenance industry, machinery manufacturing, electrical industry, metallurgical industry, and other metal processing industries. The stroke of mechanical shears is faster than that of hydraulic shears. In addition, mechanical shears can also store energy for intermittent shearing.

Pneumatic shears

Pneumatic shears mainly use air cylinders to cut sheet metal. Most of them are used to cut metal plates with a thickness of less than 1.5mm and a length of less than 1.5m.

Rotary shears

A rotary shear is a machine that uses two kinds of rotating knives to cut sheets along a curve or a straight line. First, we need to use a fixture to fix the metal sheet on the shearing machine so that the machine can cut the sheet according to the shape required.

Some of the applications and characteristics of the shearing machine are listed above. Before getting any shearing machine, everyone should understand their application, and choose the most suitable model according to the project’s requirements. On top of that, a sharp blade is required to cut the sheet accurately and smoothly, and the sharpness of the blade will affect the cutting effect. Therefore, we need to check the parts and blades of the shearing machine regularly, and the blades need to be sharpened regularly as well.

If you have any questions about the shearing machine, you can consult our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or, and our professionals will also provide you with a more suitable shearing machine selection for your reference.

Photo credit: Indiamart

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