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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Aluminium Coil Malaysia

Aluminium coil is a coiled piece of aluminium formed by taking a continuous strip of aluminium and then coiling it into a roll shape. By undergoing the process of anodizing, a protective oxide has added on the aluminium surface which improves its level of corrosion resistance. Aluminium coil available in multiple grade and thickness for different applications. Available thickness is ranging from 0.30mm to 6mm, width up to 2500mm maximum. The aluminium coil comes in a wide range of grade such as 1050, 1100, 3003, 5052, etc. For instance, aluminium 1100 is soft and non-heat-treatable, it is composed of 99% of aluminium and 0.12% of copper. Grade 1100 has a low strength alloy with high corrosion resistance, it offers exceptional machinability, electrical conductivity and having quite a number of industrial and commercial applications. Whereas 3000 range aluminium has roughly 20% stronger than 1000 grade range, it can be welded, spun and has great workability. The last two digits of the grade series number determine the content level of aluminium, meaning to say that the aluminium content of grade 1050 has reached 99.5% or more whereas grade 1060 has reached 99.6% or more. The large range of alloys provides excellent formability, high corrosion resistance to resist mechanical abuse during the service.

Aluminium Supplier Malaysia

The aluminium coil can also be pre-painted, heat-treated or diamond coated depend on the requirements and applications. It is typically produced in the size of 125kg and 150kg but mainly depends on clients’ requirements and customization is available. Several key advantages can be found in aluminium coil, such as it is durable, malleable, consistent strength and can be easily machined into coil or sheet form, it is also lighter than other metal and has a high thermal conductivity. Most importantly, aluminium is considered as the material of the future as is it made from bauxite which is the most abundant elements available in the earth and it can be mined close to the surface without endangering the environment for our future. Aluminium is definitely an environmentally friendly product and 100% recyclable, most of the aluminium products is being recycled at the end of its product life and can be recycled in an infinite number of times.

Colour Coated Aluminium Coil Malaysia

Aluminium coil is available in a variety of colours as it can be coated a layer of colour on its surface under a special process. The colour coated aluminium coil can be divided into polyester coated aluminium coil, Epoxy coated aluminium coil and Fluorocarbon coating aluminium coil. It can last for at least 20 years without any fading on the colour after the coating process. Industries including automotive, construction, transportation, pharmaceutical and many more are using aluminium coil for making a variety of products and application for industrial or consumable products. For instance, the construction industry has widely used aluminium coil in the roofing system, ceiling panel, shutter, composite panel, facade and many more due to its characteristics of weather resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and highly decorative function. It is also very suitable to use as decorative material for the buildings. As we can see that, aluminium composite panel (ASP) is widely used as the facade of building, decoration of exhibition hall, airport, curtain wall of the high-class building. The coated aluminium coil can always provide a modern yet classical design style when we use it in a large scale multifunctional hall, a creative new building or residential house, it can always fit into the style we want and add beautiful colour to space.

Aluminium Coil Supplier Malaysia

The aluminium coil can also be found in many different home appliance and electrical appliance such as computer case, lighting, packaging, decorations, etc. Aluminium coil grade 1050 is commonly used in chemical equipment, lighting, reflector, sink, lamps or other electronics which require a high level of corrosion resistance and formability but has the least requirement on the strength level. Architects and lighting designer can create special or uncommon shapes of lighting by using this aluminium material. In addition, aluminium is very sustainable and durable which requires very low maintenance cost after installation. The transportation industry is also considered one of the largest industry in using the aluminium as the material for the products, many car manufacturers are using aluminium sheeting to make the entire body of the vehicle.

In conclusion, the aluminium coil is a durable and green material that provide superior properties and advantages to our daily life. It is not only weather resistance, alkali resistance and acid resistance, it is also having strong adhesion and available in uniform colour. MecHero supplies a variety of aluminium sheet, aluminium coil and aluminium plate in Malaysia. We offer aluminium coil in different grades, sizes and thicknesses. You can always contact us at +6011-7001 7687 or email to us at for the inquiry. Tell us your requirements now about the aluminium or steel product you're looking for and we can advise you accordingly.

Aluminium Malaysia

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