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Accessories for doors and windows

The accessories for doors and windows are mainly to improve safety and convenience. Although the door and window hardware accessories are scattered, they can play a big role in combination. Because doors and windows mainly rely on these accessories to achieve the purpose of switches. These accessories are made of many different materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium alloy, etc. According to its different materials, its hardware accessories are also different. You need to be cautious when choosing door and window accessories because the quality of the accessories will affect the durability of the door and window. Below we come to understand some of the main door and window accessories and their characteristics.

What are the accessories for doors and windows?

1. Bolts

Bolts are the device for closing and opening doors to provide security. By pushing the bolts, we can easily open and close doors and windows. Bolts can be categorized into few categories including aldrop bolt, barrel bolt, flush bolt, and so on.

2. Pad Lock

The padlock is the most primitive kind of lock, which is composed of a metal block and a U-shaped stainless steel ring buckle. The padlock will be directly buckled with the lock body through a U-shaped buckle to form a closed lock, which can fix two objects together. Then unlock the lock by twisting the key.

Padlocks are made of many different materials. According to the material classification, padlocks can be divided into aluminium padlock, brass padlock, stainless steel padlock, copper padlock, plastic padlock, steel padlock, titanium padlock, and zinc alloy padlock.

3. Hinges

A hinge is a mechanical accessory installed on doors and windows. It is used to connect two solid bodies and allow relative rotation between the two. The hinge is made of foldable material. In the market, there are many types of hinges, such as barrel hinges, butt hinges, offset hinges, overlay hinges, piano hinges, spring-loaded hinges, and so on.

Barrel hinges: Barrel hinges are usually made of brass. It has a "hidden" purpose, we just need to drill a hole on a solid surface, and then insert the barrel hinge into it. This type of hinge is often used for wood operations.

Butt hinges: The butt hinge has two metal plates linked together by metal pins or studs, and is used for hanging and swinging door accessories. Butt hinges are usually set in groups of three or four and are installed on cabinet doors or boxes that can be opened and closed. The design of the butt hinge is the simplest and most affordable. In the market, there are several different types and sizes of butt hinges that can meet the needs of different types of projects.

Offset hinges: The offset hinge is an accessory device that can be used to expand the size of the doorway. For example, by using offset hinges, we can increase the width of the passageway when it is opened without cutting and expanding the passageway or installing a larger size door.

Overlay hinges: Overlay hinges are often used in kitchen cabinets. It can be divided into full overlay hinges and half overlay hinges. Full overlay hinges are cabinets used at both ends of a single cabinet or a row of cabinets. Half overlay hinges are used for a pair of cabinet doors in the middle of a row of cabinets, the hinges are installed on both sides of the shared middle partition of the two doors.

Piano hinges: The piano hinge is a slender hinge, which is mainly made of two continuous metal sheets connected by stainless steel pins. It can be divided into types with holes and without holes. It is called a piano hinge because this hinge was originally used for pianos. After the improved device, it is now also used in some storage boxes.

Spring-loaded hinges: A spring-loaded hinge is a device that can automatically close the door, and can also be kept closed or opened with different tensions. The spring hinge is attached with adjustable screws, which can be adjusted up, down, left, and right. Most of these spring hinges are used at the entrance of the garage.

4. Handle

The door handle is an accessory with the function of opening and closing the door, usually attached to the door. The types of door handles are divided into doorknob, lever door handle, and pull handle.

Doorknob: The shape of the doorknob is round, if we want to open or close the door, we can rotate the handle clockwise or counter clockwise. This type of handle is usually used on indoor doors.

Lever door handle: This is the most common handle. It has a lever-type handle as a switch. It is most commonly used in commercial areas, home locks, and some public areas.

Pull handle: The handle of the pull handle is a U-shaped lever, and most of these handles are made of stainless steel. Usually used for the handle of the drawer.

Features of door and window hardware accessories:

1. The standardized design allows people to install hardware accessories more quickly.

2. The operation is simplified, and various switch functions can be realized by changing the angle of the handle.

3. It can bear strong gravity, so it is used for doors and windows of different sizes and weights.

4. Hardware accessories have adjustable performance.

What we need to pay attention to when choosing suitable door and window hardware accessories:

1. Try to choose locks with good flexibility and performance. For example, you can check whether the lock is smooth by plugging and unplugging the key several times and whether the switch is easily screwed up and effortless.

2. It is necessary to select accessories with good sealing performance. Choose the accessories with better flexibility and convenience by opening and closing or pulling the accessories several times.

3. Check whether the appearance of the accessories is defective or damaged.


Doors and windows play a role in protecting our safety and privacy. When assembling a door or window, any accessory is indispensable. Contact our customer service now at 011-7000 7687 or to purchase complete door and window accessories.

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