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8 Types of Clamps in Industry and their application

Clamps are a kind of fastening device that binds or presses two or more objects together, using internal pressure to fix the objects and prevent movement. Clamps are very versatile and can be used in many different fields, such as industry, furniture supplies, construction engineering, metal processing industries, and so on.

There are many types of clamps on the market. Some can be used to permanently fix objects, and some are used to temporarily fix objects. Below we have listed these eight types of clamps: band clamp, bar clamp/F clamp, C clamp, hose clamp, locking clamp, miter clamp, toggle clamp, and wire rope clamp.

Types of clamp

Band Clamp

The band clamp is a special fixture. It uses a slender belt or nylon belt to fix the position of the workpiece. We use this band clamp to surround the entire workpiece, pass the belt through the bracket and then fix it at each corner by tightening the screws. Due to its strong flexibility of band clamp, it is very suitable to be used on irregularly shaped and large workpieces.

Bar Clamp / F Clamp

The F-type clamp is a manual clamp, its shape is like the letter “F”. Normally, it is widely used in large and medium-sized equipment such as the mechanical engineering industry, train manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, or used in the production of welding, riveting, and bonding processes.

The F-type clamp has a slider bar, which can quickly move up and down to adjust and clamp the workpiece according to the size of the workpiece. F-type clamp is mostly made of special steel through rolling and forging processing. Therefore, it is sufficiently rigid and powerful. F clamp is mainly used in ironwork, woodwork, and other industries. There are many different types, sizes, and clamping capabilities of F clamp in the market for us to select.


The C-type clamp is one of the clamping devices, also known as a G-type clamp. It is made of forged steel or cast iron into a C-shaped frame, which contains adjustable screws that can change the size of the jaws. The function of the C-type clamp is similar to that of the F-type clamp, but the size of the C-type clamp is smaller than that of the F-type clamp. If you want to use it on a larger workpiece, you need to use an F-type clamp. In fact, they were originally called carriage makers’ jigs or carriage jigs. C-type clamps are usually used to fix wood or metal workpieces.

Hose Clamp

The hose clamp is mainly used to connect the plumbing system to prevent the fluid from leaking out when flowing through the pipe connection. Hose clamps are often widely used in the automotive industry and household plumbing systems. The characteristic of the hose clamp is that it has a wide range of applications, resistance to torsion and pressure, balanced torsion torque, firm locking, and it’s adjustable.

Locking Clamp

The appearance of the locking clamp is similar to the C Clamp, but the locking clamp uses the lever principle while applying pressure on the handle to fix and clamp the workpieces tightly. Besides, it can also be used to fix workpieces with irregular surfaces or shapes. This locking clamp is usually widely used in welding work, woodworking, manufacturing industries, and so on. It is mostly made of steel, so it is very durable.

Miter Clamp

Miter clamps are mainly used to fix and clamp the workpieces with beveled surfaces. When using the miter clamp, the miter clamp exerts pressure on the inclined workpieces in order to avoid the possibility of the workpiece sliding and moving during the work. Therefore, we can work more accurately and stably on uneven surfaces by using the miter clamp.

Toggle Clamp

Toggle clamp is a good fixture. It has slots of screws or bolts, so it can be permanently installed on the workpieces. When we want to fix or release the clamped workpiece, we only need to use the lever principle to manipulate the handle to clamp and release the workpiece easily. Toggle clamps are suitable to use in metal processing, woodworking, and other industries. There have different types of toggle clamps in the market such as vertical toggle clamp and horizontal toggle clamp.

Wire Rope Clamp

The wire rope clamp is mainly used to clamp a certain length of wire rope to form a loop fixation, and as a temporary connection for connecting the wire rope. The wire rope clamp is composed of a U-ring and a saddle fixed by two nuts. Wire rope clamps are usually made of steel and stainless steel, so it is very resistant. Depending on the diameter of the wire rope, there are many different sizes of wire rope clamps. Wire rope clamps are used in the transportation industry, hoisting operations, heavy industry, power equipment, etc.

There are many types of clamps in the market for different purpose used. Some are used for temporarily positioned, and some are permanently positioned. If you want to get more information about clamps or purchase a suitable clamp, you can contact our customer service at 011-7000 7687 or email us at In addition to clamps, MecHero also provides other industrial products and services, such as: mechanical hardware, steel products, plumbing accessories and other engineering works.

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