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2 Types of Force Gauges & Their Applications

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A force gauge is also known as a force meter, push-pull gauge, or push-pull scale, it is a measuring instrument that is used to measure the amount of push force (compression) and pull force (tension) that is applied to an object during the testing and operation. They are widely used in production operation, research and development, and quality control applications. The use of a force gauge for safety and engineering testing allows us to know the object’s breaking point, the force required to open or operate the object, and the elasticity of a material. Generally, there are two main types of force gauges which are mechanical force gauges and digital force gauges. Mechanical force gauges have a spring mechanism while digital force gauges have a load cell built-in.

Mechanical Force Gauges

Mechanical Force Gauges Malaysia

As mentioned above, mechanical force gauges have a spring mechanism that is an analog-type force gauge. They use a spring or load cell to convert the magnitude of the force to be measured in a calibrated force value. Mechanical force gauges do not require a battery to operate. They are very durable and easy to handle as they seldom occur operation failure or malfunction caused by external factors such as nature, static electricity, and noise. You can simply read the force transition from their point needle. However, there are some limitations on the mechanical forces you should know. Firstly, the reading result is unable to be displayed over time and most of the devices only can hold a peak value. Secondly, they can only be used to record a single unit of measurement. You are required to use multiple gauges or do the conversion on your own if you would like to have different units of measure. In addition, gauge mechanical force gauges are not suitable to be used for impact testing or destructive testing.

Digital Force Gauges

Digital Force Gauges Malaysia

Digital force gauges belong to the digital indication type that has a load cell or strain gauge built-in to translate the measured force to an electrical signal that can be calibrated, quantified, or digitized to display. Since they are featured as a digital tool, they can be connected to the computer and allow you to store, manage and analyze the data easily over the time. Unlike the mechanical force gauge, digital force gauges can provide the measurement of average force value and measure the rapidly changing values of force during the impact testing. Now many models allow users to choose the desired unit of measurement from a variety of selections for the reading to be displayed. You do not need to do the conversion or prepare multiple devices for different units of measurement. Digital force gauges also can show other data such as calibration data, notification, and more. These features have brought us lots of conveniences and so digital force gauges have become a popular choice for force measurement or other metrology applications. The type of digital readings helps to accurate data by reducing human reading errors. However, the price of a digital force gauge is more expensive and they require the battery to operate.

Other Force Gauges

Other force gauges are available for special force testing such as the muscle force measurement device that is used to measure the muscle strength.

Force Gauges Testing Stand Malaysia

Common Applications of Force Gauges

Force gauges are used widely in many situations and industries to measure both the compressive and tensile forces. Here we will cover a few examples of how the force gauge is being used for the applications

- Material strength measurement

Force gauges can be used to measure the material strength and examine whether the materials have enough strength to support the stresses during the operation or transportation. They can examine the material’s tensile strength, breaking force, and stretch ability. For instance, the water bottle will undergo a compression test to check whether the compression forces that occurred during the transportation will make the water bottle leak or break.

- Load capacity measurement

Engineers, designers, or contractors will use force gauges to test the load capacity of the fasteners that hold handrails or banisters to ensure the safety of use and operation. These tests are commonly applied in areas where human safety is highly concerned.

- Ergonomics

Users will use a force gauge to justify whether the product is functional when interacting with humans or to measure the force needed to interact with the product is acceptable within the capabilities of normal people. These applications include the opening of a door, pressing down the button on machinery, opening a fizzy drink can, etc. For instance, the car manufacturer will need to know how much force is needed to start the movement and close the door completely. A number of pulleys or ropes are attached within the car to perform a wide variety of tests.

Force Gauges Testing Malaysia

- Debonding and delamination testing

Adhesive manufacturers use force gauges to test the bond strength of the adhesive and determine the level of force that is needed to put two bonded materials apart. The testing is done by having two or more panels that are joined together and then pulling them until they separate from each other. The number of panels can be single lap, double lap, double cover plate, or single cover plate that depending on the type of joint is used for testing.

- Military

The use of force gauges can be used in the development of rifles and machine guns for measuring the amount of recoil in prototypes. The measurement is highly important to this industry as it can guarantee the safety of the user and assure a uniform recoil standard in the production process.

- Sport

Professional boxers use force gauges to measure their punching power and muscle strength. The training devices such as punching balls can be equipped with external load cells of pressure gauges for the punching power checking.

As we know that, force gauges are widely used across different industries for testing the material’s pull and push forces. The measurement result provides us with a guideline and standard of use for the products. A breakdown or malfunction may occur If the object is handling a force that exceeds its capability. In this case, a force gauge is an important device that is used for product and engineering testings. MecHero hardware stores supply a wide range of force gauges that meet your requirement. You can always contact us at +6011-7000 7687 or email us at for an inquiry about force gauges in Malaysia. As a steel and online hardware store in Malaysia, we also supply a wide range of steel materials, general hardware, or mechanical components. Tell us your requirements now and we can advise you accordingly.

Force Gauges Applications Malaysia

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