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What is MecHero?

MecHero | Mechanical Hardware Supplier | Malaysia

With the emerging of new concept and the power of collaboration in this new era of technology, we embrace the changes through the creation of MecHero, with the aim of providing more values to the market and end-customer by converging the resources into one place.

MecHero, represents critical roles in our workplace, they are the contractors who execute works at the site; they are the product suppliers/hardware shops supply every piece of material, all of them perform together to complete the works and allow the industry run smoothly.

Seamless solutions

And because we connect entire sourcing and service engagement, we provide a system to manage the payment & credit facilities between the payer and end payee. The buyer can utilize the credits to purchase from our panel suppliers, whereas the supplier finds a more secured and trusted payer from this platform. By improving the way of transaction, we create a better credit environment.  

Connecting the dots

By partnering with suppliers & contractors throughout the country, our customer can get their materials and contractor services easily from the one nearest to them, eliminate the restrictions brought by the limitation of time and transportation. We make the daily purchases/services to be easily accessed over the platform that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness to the buyer, seller and service provider.

About the creator

Bakomaju Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 2006, is a well-established construction, engineering contractor and product supplier in the industrial sector for years. The core business is to supply a wide range of industrial products for mechanical and construction projects, mainly focus on the trading of steel, tools, equipment, machinery-related products & materials to the contractor and end customer. In addition to the supply service, it provides contractor service for fabrication and factory maintenance works, ranging from fabricating a single piece of spare part, machinery repair to complex plant upgrading projects. The business value is aimed at creating a simple yet comprehensive service to the customer.

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